More than 5,000 Children to Visit National Museum and Zetski Dom for Free

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Sehovic Sehovic Ministry of education

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By the end of this semester more than 5,000 children will visit, free of charge, the National Museum on Cetinje and the Royal Theatre Zetski Dom, where plays will be held for them, stated the Ministry of Education.

They said that the children will visit these two cultural institutions in the organization of the Ministry of Education and Zetski Dom, with the support of the National Museum.

"Children will be able to talk with the actors of Zetski Dom and thus get acquainted with the play," said Minister of Education Damir Šehovic and Artistic Director of the Royal Theater Zetski dom, Lidija Dedovic.

The Ministry of Education explained that visits are organized within the project called the Day of Art Education, which began last year, when several thousands of children visited Zetski Dom free of charge.

The Ministry of Education and Zetski dom, considering excellent results, decided to continue this activity, so even in this semester, about two thousand children will visit the cultural institutions in Cetinje.

"By the end of this semester, more than five thousand children from 30 schools across Montenegro will participate in the project. Eighth and ninth grade students of the elementary and first grade of the secondary schools from all parts of Montenegro are participating," said the Ministry of Education.

They suggested that the possibility of this activity becoming constant should be considered in order to stimulate critical thinking of children and interest in art. Šehović said that the Ministry of Education insists on creating a completely new atmosphere in educational institutions, which builds not only a connoisseur, but a person with an attitude about what is nice, good and quality, whether it is music, film, theater or any other form of cultural creativity.

"The most concrete way we can achieve this goal is the organization of such projects. The students participating in the project come from the eighth and ninth grade of elementary schools and the first grades of high school, i.e. in the period of life when we have to offer them much more than the chair lectures," Šehovic said.

He said that introducing children to Cetinje, entering the theater, insights into the work of actors behind the scenes, understanding what the artist is trying to send, learning to look under the surface and profiling the taste, is just a part of what they are trying to achieve with such projects.

"A similar project with the high school from Danilovgrad is being prepared, which will soon be announced to the public, which again shows the full focus of our students coming out of schools as a quality person with a constructive attitude towards the environment and the capacity to review the matters before adopting the same," Šehović concluded.

During the visit, children are provided with free of charge transportation organized by the Ministry of Education as well as free lunch packages.

"We combine culture and education into a new, practical mission. It is our great honor and pleasure to participate in a project that has proven to be extremely successful," said Dedovic. She believes that children must have a critical attitude toward society.

"We appreciated that with this age, the end of the elementary school and the beginning of high school, we can start a new process. Zetski dom was a library and an archive, and by doing this, we are returning the historic, practical mission to it. The children are thrilled, they talk to respectable artists, plays are being performed for which we think the children are ready to develop their attitudes toward life and a new emotional world through them," Dedovic said.

The director of the school "Milorad Musa Burzan", Andreja Sokić, said that a modern school is a key link between education and culture.

"What they learn within regular art lessons now they can experience as well," said Sokic. Such projects have a key impact on the development of the artistic taste of children in a sensitive period of growing up. Three hundred students from our school will participate in the project," Sokic said.

Text by MINA News, on February 10th 2019, read more at Vijesti

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