Durmitor’s Skorup (Clotted Cream) Applied for Designation of Origin

By , 10 Feb 2019, 22:21 PM Lifestyle
All conditions are met for the registration of Durmitor's skorup All conditions are met for the registration of Durmitor's skorup HM Durmitor

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The Association of Durmitor’s skorup (clotted cream) producers submitted a request to the Ministry of Rural Development and Tourism to register for the designation of origin, and the procedure is in the final phase.

HM "Durmitor" from Žabljak, the largest sheep farm in the Balkans and leading in the Association of producers of Durmitor skorup, says that by gaining the logo and the national emblem, a long-known food product will contribute to the promotion and recognition of the region from which it comes and will protect it from abuse and imitation.

"In addition, it will enable the increase of the market value of the product, increase consumer confidence, and most importantly the tradition will be preserved. Durmitor’s skorup is produced on a geographically clearly defined territory, which is the territory of three Durmitor municipalities, Zabljak, Pluzine and Savnik, occupying an area of 1,852 square kilometers, which makes 7.5% of the territory of Montenegro. This area is rich in plant species, plants of endemic and relic origin, floral flora, healing herbs, with large pasture lands and natural meadows where livestock are grown and nourished," says Dragana Obradovic from the company HM "Durmitor".

She estimated that by the registration of the origin, the Durmitor’s skorup would be a strong competitor on the domestic and foreign market, which would bring great benefits to the producers.

Durmitor’s skorup is produced with a traditional technology that is passed from generation to generation. The product has specific characteristics, taste, appearance and scent, and belongs to savory foods of high nutritional and energy value.

HM "Durmitor" counts about 1,000 milking sheep - autochthonous “pramenka”, during the summer, takes them to Dobri do, where they have facilities that meet all the legal requirements for the production of skorup. To make sure that skorup is prepared by the old recipe that is passed from generation to generation is liable the chief mountaineer Dragana Zeković.

"The milking of sheep is handled manually, and then we transfer the dishes with the milk to the dairy. Here the process of production, filtering, boiling and pouring of the milk are being carried out, as well as the process of making the cream (skorup). Then it is followed by the storage of skorup in wooden pots and salting. The process of its ripening is followed by transferring to “mjesine” to achieve additional ripening and obtain “skorup from mjesina” or 'old skorup'," reports Zekovic about the recipe for preparing Durmitor’s skorup and recalls on “saljevak”, “skorup” and “cheese-prljo” for which the Ministry has officially approved and acknowledged for their application of traditional methods in production.

Owner of "Ski" hotel Jovan-Rajo Baranin and his colleague from "Golden Pine" Radovan Bojović point out that they are satisfied that the well-known agricultural product from Durmitor will get a prestigious mark. They say that in the future in their hotels they will undoubtedly offer Durmitor’s skorup. Its logo and emblem will guarantee it, both to them as buyers and to the guests as well.

Text by Obrad Pjesivac, on February 10th 2019, read more at Vijesti

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