More than a Million Guests Stayed in Montenegrin Hotels

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More than a million guests stayed in Montenegrin hotels More than a million guests stayed in Montenegrin hotels

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In hotels, tourist resorts and houses throughout Montenegro last year, there were 1,076,848 tourists, out of which 959,121 were foreigners, as shown by the preliminary data from the Monstat Directorate of Statistics, published in “Dnevne novine”.

This is 12.7 percent more than in 2017, while the number of overnight stays is 8.2 percent higher. Namely, there were a total of 4.208.955 overnights and 3.763.857 only by foreign guests.

So, according to the data so far, tourists in Montenegro had an average of 3.91 overnights, which is the closest to a five-day stay, while in July during the peak season they mostly chose a six-day visit with five overnight stays in hotel accommodations. Also, foreigners had an average of 3.92 overnight stays per year and spent the longest 4.98 nights during July.

Unlike them, domestic tourists had an average of 3.78 overnight stays throughout the year, but in August, a favorite month for a collective holiday, they continued to spend an average of 5.24 nights in shared accommodations.

Compared to 2017, the average number of overnight stays dropped for 0.16 from the previous 4.07, and the number of foreign guests by 0.18 from the last year's 4.1, while the Montenegrins spent more nights at hotels, so with 3.86, this number increased by 0.12.

The preliminary data from Monstat show that 809,575, i.e., 84.41 percent of foreign guests arrive from European countries, while from other continents it is 149,546. Of the total number, the highest number of those with a Serbian passport is 120,060 guests or 12.52 percent.

By the number of tourists arriving in Montenegro, Russia is ranked second with 79.153, France with 61.212, and Germany with 57.723 guests. From the United Kingdom, 45,786 guests arrived last year, and other key countries from which there is a significant number of tourists are Poland with 38,419, Italy with 24,833, and Sweden with 20,465 guests who visited the country.

Out of the countries from the region, after Serbia, most of the guests came from Albania 38,281, then Bosnia and Herzegovina 35,101, Croatia 24,816, Kosovo 21,311, Slovenia 15,887, and Macedonia only 10,345. In 2018, there were 22,843 tourists from the USA in Montenegro, from Israel 31,958 and 34,183 from Turkey. Still, this is significantly less than the number of Chinese who have decided to visit Montenegro, i.e. 41,338. Out of 3,763,857 overnights, Europeans achieved 3,447,168 or even 91.59 percent, and spent 4.26 days on average in hotels, resorts, boarding houses, motels, tourist resorts, hostels and other similar accommodation facilities throughout Montenegro.

The two countries whose citizens achieved most of the overnight stays are Serbia with 546,012 or 14.51 percent of the total, then Russia with 514.151 or 13.66 percent of all overnight stays. France is in third place with 313,838 overnight stays, followed by Germany with 240,913 and the United Kingdom with 228,097 overnight stays.

Significant results in hotels are also thanks to guests from Poland who made up 161,632 overnights, Bosnia and Herzegovina with 149,268 and Sweden with 112,497 overnight stays. When it comes to the length of stay, the Serbs stayed an average of 4.55 nights, Russians 6.5, French 5.13, Germans 4.17, and British 4.98 nights. Guests from Poland have an average of 4.21 nights, Bosnia and Herzegovina 4.25, and Sweden 5.5 nights.

Out of the countries in the region, citizens from Albania realized 73,804 nights, Kosovo 62,318, Croatia 56,990, and Slovenia 48,289 nights. This means that the neighbors from Slovenia spend on average 3.04 nights, Kosovo 2.92, Croatia 2.3, and Albania only 1.93 nights. When it comes to other European countries with a significant number of arrivals, Italians have only 65,419 overnight stays, as they spend an average of 2.63 nights on average.

Text by Dnevne novine, on February 7th 2019, read more at CdM

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