Montenegro and Croatia: Days of Creative Montenegro in Zagreb

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Montenegro and Croatia: Days of Creative Montenegro in Zagreb Copyrights: Ministry of Culture of Montenegro

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05 February 2019 - Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović opened the manifestation Creative Montenegro: Days of Montenegro in Zagreb. The programme began with the opening of the exhibition of the Association of Artists of Montenegro "26> 41", the presentation of the products of creative industries of Montenegro and the performance of the Montenegrin violinist Verica Čuljković.

Nataša Owens, President of "European Movement Croatia" and "European House Zagreb", Boro Vučinić, Ambassador of Montenegro to the Republic of Croatia and Milan Bandić, Mayor of the City of Zagreb also spoke at the opening. 

"Such a manifestation, which offers an insight into the cultural and economic situation of the state, clearly focused on Euro-Atlantic integrations, is also the place of exchange of experience gained in the process of these integration," Minister Bogdanović noted. 

Ambassador Vučinić said that Montenegro is committed to a common Euro-Atlantic perspective and ready to develop good relations with everyone in the region, especially with those sharing the same goals and values. 

"Of course, the special place belongs to a friendly Republic of Croatia, which has so far shown the willingness to support Montenegro on its European path. This is an opportunity to wish our neighbours a successful EU presidency next year," Vučinić said. 

Mayor of the City of Zagreb Milan Bandić expressed satisfaction with his presence at the event and stressed that this is another proof that works of art find a common language and connect people at a higher level. 

The event, organised at the European House in Zagreb, will last until 13 February 2019. 

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During his stay in Croatia, Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović also met with Minister of Culture of the Republic of Croatia Nina Obuljen Koržinek. 

The meeting discussed the cooperation between Montenegro and the Republic of Croatia so far and stressed that the two countries foster friendly relations in all areas. 

The two officials expressed satisfaction with the meeting in Zagreb on the occasion of organising the Day of Montenegro in Zagreb - Creative Montenegro and stated that such manifestations additionally strengthen our cultural links and bring people closer. 

Minister Bogdanović pointed out that significant progress has been made so far in strengthening cultural ties, both in the field of contemporary creativity and in the field of preservation of cultural heritage, which is particularly evidenced by projects that we are jointly implementing at both bilateral and international level. 

The meeting also discussed the further implementation of the previously signed Memorandum between the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia on cooperation in the field of protection and preservation of underwater cultural heritage for the period 2017-2020 and the agreed continuation of cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience between institutions in this field. 

Special emphasis was put on cooperation in the field of creative industries and it was pointed out that Croatian experience will be of great importance for Montenegro, taking into account the full commitment of the Ministry of Culture to their development. In this context, both sides expressed readiness for cooperation in the implementation of IPA projects.

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