Food and Tourism are Great Opportunities for Montenegro

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Radovan Pejanović on Green economy concept Radovan Pejanović on Green economy concept Pobjeda

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The green economy is of particular importance for the further sustainable development of Montenegro. It can lead to greater competitiveness in a ruthless market in which it needs to find its place and obtain the position and share of the profit.

"In addition to the activities aimed at generating profits, it also implies care for the environment and the community. The green business emphasis should be placed on environmental protection to minimize the negative impact on the environment," said  Radovan Pejanovic, regular professor in the field of economics, agrarian and economics, the methodology of scientific work on basic, master and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad.

According to him, the green economy is one of the most promising global development concepts. "It reduces environmental risks, which further positively affects air, water and soil, food, quality, and health care, and that is all for the general well-being. And when this is connected with the natural beauties of Montenegro and its tourist and agricultural potentials, it is then a multiple gain, even economically," Pejanovic emphasizes. He pointed out that for the further socio-economic development of Montenegro, the key issue of the new economy concept, new templates, whose competitive advantages are based on knowledge, innovations, and creativity.

"It is, above all, the so-called green business, the green economy concept, which is in line with the concept of sustainable development. This new approach from the aspect of the green economy leads to greater competitiveness of Montenegro in the ruthless market, where it is necessary to find its place and to fight for the position and share the profit. This can be achieved through a long-term strategic commitment, with investments, good organization, and responsibility of all participants in the chain of social reproduction, "explains Pejanovic.

He believes that many measures and actions that would be implemented to preserving and protecting the environment are not complicated and costly and that they can contribute to a better market and financial result.

"This is especially important for Montenegro, which can be, in my opinion, competitive in two logically related areas: food production and tourism," says Pejanovic.

When it comes to food, that is, agriculture, it is necessary, in his opinion, with agrarian, rural, population and other economic policy measures to revitalize the village and restore its traditional and modern social functions.

Regarding the northern region of Montenegro, in his opinion, it is necessary to continually seek ways to assist people from these rural areas, their small businesses, agriculture, and related sectors to take advantage of natural resources, safe land, and water access, improving the management of natural resources.

"The concept of integrated rural development and multifunctional agriculture, along with the development of the creative industry and all areas of entrepreneurship, is the development of the northern and all other regions of Montenegro. Therefore, a new concept of development and a new paradigm of sustainable development is needed. Continue to improve agricultural technologies and more efficient production services. Initiating the connection of stakeholders with financial services is necessary. Continuously look for opportunities for employment and enterprise development in the rural areas," Pejanovic says.

Montenegro's competitive areas, as re-emphasized, are food and tourism, viewed within the development of the concept of sustainable development and green economy, protecting and promoting, at the same time, agrarian-biodiversity as a support to the sustainability of ecosystems.

Text by Pobjeda, on January 7th, 2019, read more at CdM

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