Prime Minister and President of Montenegro Send Christmas Greetings

By , 07 Jan 2019, 11:33 AM Lifestyle
Prime Minister and President of Montenegro Send Christmas Greetings Copyrights: S. Matić, Government of Montenegro

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06 January 2019 - Prime Minister Duško Marković wished a happy Christmas, on behalf of the Government and him, to all Orthodox believers and priesthood, wishing them happiness, mutual respect, and harmony. 

"I want us to find the best in people in the uniqueness of these days and the atmosphere of Christmas warmth. That in the harmony and balance of spiritual and everyday life, we find the strength for mutual respect and harmony. The overall progress of Montenegro assures me that by good intentions, the power of will and forgiveness, we can rise from the temptation of everyday life. Therefore, on this occasion, I express my commitment to dialogue and overcoming the differences that burden us. In this way, we will ensure agreement on the most important issues of Montenegrin society, and additionally, ensure the century-old coexistence that adorns us," Prime Minister Marković’s Christmas greeting letter reads.

President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović also wished a happy Christmas to all Orthodox citizens of Montenegro, with the best wishes to spend the most joyous Christian holiday in peace and love.

"Humanity, compassion, and solidarity are values we inherit for centuries, by which we built a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional fund, according to which our Montenegro is recognizable. The Christmas holidays are celebrated in peace and prosperity, and we are proud of this great achievement, aware of the shared responsibility for contributing to the preservation of coexistence in our country. Christmas reminds us and teaches us that we are closest to each other and that in keeping with this motto, respecting the universal values of Christian teachings, we can easily overcome the many challenges that we are facing in the hard times in which we live.

The day of Christ's birth with its timely messages encourages respect for family tradition, new beginnings and contribution to the further progress of our Montenegro, the respected NATO member country which is on its way to becoming part of the European Union.

With the desire to spend your holiday days in good health, happiness, and joy, I congratulate you once again on the most joyous Christian holiday," concluded Đukanović.

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