Dog Shelter for Kotor and Tivat in Kavač Urgently Needs New Facilities

By , 06 Jan 2019, 09:44 AM Lifestyle

January 6, 2019 - The shelter for the protection of abandoned and lost dogs in Kavač is designed to accommodate up to a hundred and fifty dogs, and the number of animals located in this area is often a hundred more than expected, so the capacity expansion is necessary," said Sanja Marovic, a referent in the Kotor’s Utility Company announcing this investment activity.

"We have completed the main project for the necessary expansion of capacity and conditions of stay in the shelter for dogs and budget funds in the amount of 40 thousand euro will be provided by the municipalities of Kotor and Tivat. After the tendering procedures and the selection of the contractor, the necessary works will start soon," says Marovic.
The shelter is a result of the joint project of the Tivat and Kotor municipalities, and it fulfills all the conditions required by the Veterinary Office of Montenegro.
"Animals stay in eight-box facilities of 22.5 square meters and the same box area of 13.5 square meters, with 348 square feet of auxiliary rooms. There is also a quarantine section with 20 huts and a yard for dog breeding. Due to a much larger number of animals than anticipated, the costs of food and other asylum funds have been significantly increased and drastically reduced the comfort of animals," said Marovic.
She states that the shelter also has the necessary equipment for catching dogs and a specialized vehicle, but also that it is required to continually work on the modernization of equipment that will contribute to more efficient work. "We are feeding animals on the recommendations of the veterinarians with whom the Utility Company has an annual contract, which implies complete animal treatment," says Marovic, citing that the number of bdogs has increased in the last year.
Marovic told Radio Kotor that they have an "Open Doors Day" plan. "The idea is to arrange organized visits to schools, kindergartens, and citizens, where children will be directly acquainted with the way of working and living conditions of these animals. About the initiative, we will soon contact the administration of schools and kindergartens."
The shelter in Kavač, as a joint investment of Kotor and Tivat Municipality, has operated since 2010.

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