Institute of Marine Biology Gets Support for New Lab Project

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Institute of Marine Biology Gets Support for New Lab Project

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December 22, 2018 - The Ministry of Science will spend 91,893 euros at the Institute of Marine Biology in Kotor for the construction of a marine aquaculture laboratory. Bearing in mind the significance of the project for the development of science and strengthening the capacity of the Institute of Marine Biology, as well as the fact that at the moment there are no funds for such projects, the Ministry has decided to co-finance the establishment of a laboratory.

The planned upgrading of the Institute of Marine Biology implies the construction of an additional 260m² of space to provide a laboratory working area and the premises for artificial breeding of microalga and shellfish, as well as a cabinet for the head of the laboratory and the technical staff.

"The new Laboratory aims to create conditions for artificial reproduction of shellfish, then breeding lettuce using the cultivated microalgae and increasing the production of shellfish in the area of Boka Bay. Several shellfish farms will be partners on the project and will be supplied directly with grown-ups, after which they will grow in the natural environment to reach the consuming size," the document adopted by the Montenegrin Government states.

This is about information on the realization of the project "Sustainable and innovative Agro food and fisheries value chain for SMEs cross border market - Food4health" of the University of Montenegro - Institute of Marine Biology in Kotor.

The results of scientific experiments in Laboratory will be directly applicable in the economic sector and influence its development, while the rich practical experience of shellfish growers will contribute to the final phase of the experiment- the promotion of domestic high-nutrition products and the branding of shellfish from Boka Bay.

As stated, the formation of such a Laboratory opens up the possibility of numerous scientific researches in the field of marine aquaculture, fisheries and primary production through various fundamental and applied researches - from artificial cultivation of endangered or vulnerable species to marine organisms, repopulation of certain species whose resources are transmitted, development of new protocols and improving taxonomic methodologies.

Otherwise, during 2018, the Institute of Marine Biology participated in the preparation of project applications under the IPA Interreg Call for Cross-Border Projects for Montenegro, Italy, and Albania. Institute reported the project in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro, the Albanian and Italian Ministries of Agriculture and three other scientific and research institutions from Italy and Albania.

Given the specificity of the area, the Institute of Marine Biology, as an equal partner in the project, proposed the upgrade of the Institute building to establish a Marine Aquaculture Laboratory, purchase of the necessary microalga breeding equipment and in vitro breeding of high economic value bivalve mollusks.

The planned start of the project is March 2019, and its implementation will last four years.

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