Photo Exhibition: How Did Boka Bay Look a Century Ago?

By , 28 Sep 2018, 12:29 PM Lifestyle

September 28, 2018 - Within the celebration of the European Heritage Days 2018 in Montenegro, the Maritime Museum in Kotor organizes a photo exhibition to present how Boka Bay looked at the beginning of the 20th century. 

Taking part in the celebration of European Heritage Days 2018, the Maritime Museum of Montenegro, Kotor will host the exhibition "Boka Bay Through the Lenses of Photographers From the Laforest Family", which will be open on Friday at 8pm.

The Laforest family has been engaged in photographic crafts in the Boka Bay area for more than a hundred years, first through the work of Franca Laforest, one of the first photographers in Boka, and then his wife Gabriela, son Felix, and granddaughter Lidia.

The exhibition, which will be presented to the audience, was created thanks to the valuable family collection Lidia Laforest donated to the Maritime Museum. It is a significant documentary-art collection, which includes, among other artifacts, about 400 negatives on glass, which bring the scenes of Bokelian landscapes, family portraits, photographs of the Boka Navy, and scenes from everyday life. During the processing of the donated material, they came to the idea that through various themes, this legacy should be presented to the wider audience.

The author of the exhibition "Boka Bay Through the Lenses of Photographers From the Laforest Family", museum advisor Jelena Karadžić explains: "This exhibition carries only one segment of this rich collection, consisting of several units. In the next ten days, which is how long the setting will last, the audience has the chance to see the landscape of Boka Bay, and see how Boka looked during the first three decades of the 20th-century. On another other occasion, we will present exhibitions related to family portraits, the Boka Navy, cultural monuments, archeology."

The Director of the Montenegrin Maritime Museum of Montenegro, Andro Radulović, will also address the audience, and the exhibition will be officially opened by photographer Dr. Stevan Kordić, a member of the “Society of Friends of Bokelian Heritage” and former longtime official photographer of the organization Europa Nostra, who also helped in its preparation.

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