Art of Sharing: European Heritage Days in Budva

By , 20 Sep 2018, 09:39 AM Lifestyle

September 20, 2018 - Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Montenegro, as a member of the European cultural family, celebrates European Heritage Days for its 12th edition this year. More than 40 events will be organized from September 21- September 30 in eleven cities. In Budva, the program is organized by the Public Institution "Museums and Galleries Budva" and its heritage expert, Dušan Medin.

The "European Heritage Days 2018" will be open on Friday, 21 September, at 8 PM in front of the Memorial House "Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša" - Public Institution “Museums and Galleries Budva” in the Old Town. This year's slogan of the international event is "Art of Sharing". 2018 was also proclaimed the European Year of Cultural Heritage, to further motivate people from different parts of the Old Continent to explore the rich and diverse culture of Europe with the aim of promoting and protecting its unique values. Organizer of the event on behalf of the “Museums and Galleries Budva” is Dušan Medin, a graduate archeologist and master in culture.

The "European Heritage Days" are celebrated in 50 states, signatories of the European Cultural Convention. All programs are based on the promotion of local arts, traditions, architecture and art, making it a common European heritage. Launched in 1985 in France, the event has been organized since 1999 as a joint initiative of the European Commission and the Council of Europe. Each year, the European Heritage Days are celebrated in September, with more than 70,000 events organized throughout Europe.

"European Heritage Days" enable citizens to explore a wide range of cultural goods through a number of thematic events free of charge for visitors, helping to get to know the hidden history of people and places that played a significant role in shaping the culture and heritage of Europe. The aims of the manifestation are based on a better understanding of the common European past, respecting traditional values and encouraging new initiatives in the field of conservation and education, and its pan-European character contributes to the convergence of the people of Europe through the expansion of common cultural values.

The Ministry of Culture coordinates the organization of "European Heritage Days" in Montenegro for the twelfth year now. This year, the event was joined by eleven municipalities, which will host a total of forty-two programs from 21 to 30 September, devoted to the local segments of the very rich and diverse cultural heritage of Montenegro.

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