Parents Want Registries for Pedophiles, Severe Punishments

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September 12, 2018 - Chemistry castration, the introduction of a registry and a more severe penalty policy for pedophiles, are some of the requests jointly directed by the Parent Association and lobbyist Jelena Pavićević. 

Pavićević and the Executive Director of the Association Kristina Mihailovic signed the Lobbying Agreement and will seek from the competent authorities an increase in the penalties for pedophilia and the introduction of a number of novelties, in the case of criminal sexual offenses against children and minors.

The Association has previously asked the judiciary to tighten the penal policy, and lobbying agreement with Pavićević was signed to bring this process to an end.

Pavićević said that she would, on the basis of legal authorities and abilities, seek joint novelties and amendments to existing legal norms in the Montenegrin Criminal Code in the forthcoming period.

The government is expected to have a statutory register of pedophiles, without the possibility of deleting the names from it even after serving the sentence.

Montenegro committed itself to making the pedophile register in 2009, by signing the Convention on the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse with the Council of Europe.

The Association of Parents, in cooperation with Pavićević, as a measure of security or punishment, suggest chemical castration, but the final decision, as they say, will be left to legal authorities. From the government, they seek the abolition of monetary fines for all criminal offenses against abuse on children and minors and the imposition of a minimum sentence of imprisonment in the duration of five years.

"For most of the offenses, we are asking for penalties of 10, 15 to 20 years," said Pavićević.

According to the Criminal Code of Montenegro, a rape or criminal sexual offense against juvenile a sentence of imprisonment in duration of five to 15 years is foreseen. For sex act against a child, a prison sentence of three to 12 years is foreseen.

In practice, pedophiles are most often punished for up to one year or just a few months.

By explaining the requests to the authorities, the Parents Association and Pavićević stated that their goal was to raise the level of protection and safety of children as the most vulnerable group, which depends on the concerns and decisions of adults. In addition, their demands are explained by the introduction of more repressive measures against pedophiles, providing children with non-traumatic growth and establishing the right criteria for what is good and what is not.

The Parents' Association and Pavićević believe that a more severe criminal policy will contribute to raising awareness of the presence and dangers of pedophilia, reducing the number of criminal offenses of pedophilia, and that pedophiles will thus be prevented to do so.

What is the criminal policy

The Criminal Code stipulates a maximum eight-year sentence for the person who leads a juvenile for intercourse. Up to 10 years, there is a punishment for someone who says or encourages a minor to prostitute. The same punishment is also foreseen for someone who is engaged in sexual services with a juvenile.

For a person who forces a child to rape, or other unauthorized sexual activity, a prison sentence of three months to three years is foreseen.

The criminal law provides punishment and for those who lure children in order to commit criminal sexual offenses, and imprisonment for up to five years is threatened to someone who through computers and telephones, arranges a meeting and takes action to achieve it.

Text by Damira Kalac, on September 12th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

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