Meet the Montenegrin Ports from 1881

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07 September 2018 - Bar’s citizen Ivan Jovović has recently published an article related to Montenegrin history from the beginning of the 20th century in the magazine “Matica”. The content of the published article refers to the old “Montenegrin Ports” article, previously published in the Italian magazine "Rivista Marittima" in January 1881.


"The value of this work, with the volume of 13 pages, is primarily reflected in its interpretation of the factual situation directly after the implementation of the provisions of the Berlin Congress, but also in the presentation of the economic potentials of the Principality of Montenegro, in particular maritime potential, which, in the opinion of the original author, should be the state’s comparative advantage and its escape from inherited poverty," says Jovović.


The original article “Montenegrin Ports” was signed under the pseudonym of E. Tergesti, as evidenced by the "Voice of a Montenegrin”. It is believed that the author of the article is Evgenije Popović, one of the most respected Montenegrins from the end of the XIX and the beginning of XX century. Russian scientist Pavle Rovinski drew the attention to the article "Montenegrin Ports", when he presented the Italian bibliography on Montenegro, pointing out that the same year, in 1881, another Italian professional journal, “Rivista Militare”, published the article under the title of Colonel Giuseppe Ottoleughi.


Within the article, the Bar Port descriptions have special beauty and charm: “In the inner port of the bay, you can see several beautiful houses, the harbour captain's house, post office, customs, the Lloyd agency and the warehouses. There are one-story and two-story houses which are very well preserved. Viewed from the boat, the panorama is very beautiful: the land is covered in forests and olive groves. Rumija and Lisinj with their southern extensions resembling sugar loafs and their blue shades spreading through the valley, make a spectacular scenery.“

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