48th International Festival "Ratković Poetry Evenings"

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48th International Festival "Ratković Poetry Evenings" Image source: ratkoviceve.bijelopolje.co.me

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September 3, 2018 - The 48th International Festival "Ratković Poetry Evenings", dedicated to Montenegrin writer Risto Ratković, officially opened on September 3rd in Bijelo Polje. Ratković Poetry Evenings is a manifestation which has been organised since 1970, and since then, the literary award "Risto Ratković" for the best poetry book between two events has been granted, as well as three awards of Ratković Poetry Evenings for poets up to 27 years old. Ratkovic's evening poetry is traditionally held from September 3rd to 5th. The Festival was founded with the aim of providing affirmation and granting support to all young emerging poets from all the areas of ex-Yugoslavia. As the festival grew, it also included renowned poets, novelists, literary critics and literary theorists.

In 2010, Ratković Poetry Evenings, financed by the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, gained the status of a Cultural Manifestation of Special Importance for Montenegro. Thanks to this festival, Bijelo Polje is positioned as an important regional destination of culture. “The main objectives and priorities of the Ratković's Poetry Evenings aim at conceptual strengthening which would provide a high-quality representation of the contemporary Montenegrin and world artistic creation, which corresponds to the artistic tendencies of the 20th and 21st century in Europe and beyond,” as explained by the organisers of the event. The organisers put great effort in preparing the annual programme and ensuring the participation of renowned literary creators from the region and from Europe.

When it comes to the festival program, the opening of the festival (on September 3rd) is reserved for Small Fair of Big Books at 9 AM at the House of Risto Ratković. As in previous years, creative workshops, book promotions and conversations with the authors will be organised at the festival. The program of the festival for September 3rd will also include Coffee with a Writer (10 AM at Klik Café), Creative Workshop (11 AM at House of Risto Ratković), Gender and Home (11 AM at Ćamil Sijarić Library), Circles on the Water (2 PM at Miodrag Bulatović Library), Street Reveries (5 PM at House of Risto Ratković), Opening of Art Exhibition (6 PM at the Gallery of the Culture Centre), There, The River Lim Runs Down to the Sea (7 PM at the Great Hall of the Culture Centre), The Official Opening of 48th Ratković Poetry Evenings (8 PM at the Great Hall of the Culture Centre) and Music Concert of rock musician and actor Đorđe David.

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