Hidden Beaches in Montenegro

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August 29, 2018 - Only those tourists who find themselves on the Montenegrin coast in the middle of the season, in August, know the true meaning of crowds and busy traffic. From Herceg Novi to Ulcinj, from the early morning, all of the deck chairs are occupied, and on the "free" parts of the gravel, towels are literally glued next to each other. 

That's why, almost unbelievably, some of the beaches, despite their beauty and water purity, are undiscovered. One of them is Perazic Do, in the bay beneath the monastery Reževići.

About half an hour drive from Bar, 20 minutes from Sutomore, or just five from Petrovac, is one of the most beautiful but overgrown beaches of Lučica - Perazic Do. It is a bit harder to get to this beautiful bay, but by a car on the paved road, it is easy to reach.

"Luckily, not a lot of people know about this paradise," says Marija Živić from Belgrade, who is spending a vacation in Montenegro with her family.

She pointed out that they were located in Zagradju near Sutomore, but only go swimming at Perazic Do, as this is the only place where they are alone in the morning.

"It is unbelievable that while you are at Buljarice, Lučice, Jaz, Sutomore Maljevik, you cannot even find a lounger, but here you feel like the whole beach is yours," says Marija from Belgrade.

The coves hidden beneath the monastery Režević can be approached from the main road Budva-Petrovac. It is covered with sand and gravel, and is only 40 meters long. At the left end of the beach is the skeleton of the never-completed "As" hotel, which has not even managed to disturb the beach setting, which is naturally embellished by the rocks that nature has unusually drilled and shaped. The good thing is that there is plenty of parking space in the huge space in front of the construction site.

Among the favorite Montenegrin beaches are Buljarica, Lučica, Drobni pijesak, Jaz, as well as the Kraljičina beach, where for five euros per person every morning, local boats take tourists to most of the town's beaches. For those who stayed in Sutomore this summer and want to avoid the crowd of the town's beaches, an excellent choice is Štrbina beach, surrounded and streaked by rocks, in various sizes, full of crabs and shells. In this area, among the favorite beach of tourists is also Drobni pijesak. It is located in a sheltered bay, about 250 meters long, and because of the yellowish-white sand, it reminds you of the true tropical beaches. It is surrounded by olive trees and maquis, so it seems even more detached. On the shore is a source of drinking water and several catering establishments.

There are two restaurants on the beach of Perazic Do, and prices are slightly higher than in most other locations. Ice-cream is from two to three euros, soup about three, pizzas are eight euros, as are some of the cheaper meat dishes.

In most restaurants, on the beach Jaz, there is a daily offer of delicious meals at a price of four euros. In Buljarice, the daily menu - soup, main course and salad - costs seven euros, and among the fast food, it is two euros per pizza slice, hamburgers are 2.5, and gyros are three euros.

Text by Vecernje novosti, on August 28th, 2018, read more at CdM

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