New Record in Laziness: Montenegro Awards Laziest People After 49 Hours of Lying Down

By , 21 Aug 2018, 11:18 AM Lifestyle
The winners of this year’s competition in lying down The winners of this year’s competition in lying down

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August 21, 2018 - Miloš Radulović and Anđela Dendić from Niksic, Milka Doderović from Podgorica and Dijana Labović from Tivat, after 49 hours of lying down, decided to share this year's title of the laziest person.

Besides this title, the contestants also competed for the 400-euro cash prize, which this time was provided by UNO Footwear, as the general sponsor of the event. In addition to the cash prizes, the laziest ones also receive prizes in goods of 400 euro value.

This year's contest gathered 18 competitors, out of which 15 were from Montenegro and three from Serbia.

They were mostly worried about the physiological needs, while they were at ease when they were sleeping.

Miloš Radulović did not hide his pleasure with the entire organization, but also with the decision to share the prize.

"We met enough for these 49 hours and there were no doubts that someone would stand up when we have agreed to raise together. Everything was great. Let us be called lazy but only when we are here, otherwise we are great workers. Heavy work deserves a big vacation. From my business associates, the battery on my phone died from the last night to this morning. The toilet was a problem, but it was psychologically solved. The first day was a problem, the second one I did not think about it at all while we on the third day we were used to it," he said.

Anđela Dendic says that first of all, she came for the socializing and fun.

"It was great, the team was great, with perfect organization, and we were welcomed nicely so I endured till the end. I will remember this contest because I met a lot of great people. The prize was not important to us because we decided to raise together and share the money, because we, first of all, came to see how much we can endure and be up for this challenge," she said.

Milka Doderovic was also satisfied with the team.

No quarrels, we enjoyed, had fun, told jokes. It was very interesting. The only thing that was difficult for us was not going to the toilet. As far as food and drinks were concerned, it was not hard for us because we did not eat or drink almost anything. Since we have broken the record, we easily agreed to rise and share the prize together. I am a member of the Athletic Club Spartanci from Podgorica. I usually run for 50 kilometers, but this was harder for me. It was harder for me to lay down for 50 hours than to run for 50km. When running, a break can be made, water can be drank, everything has a solution," she compared.

Dijana Labovic says she did not believe she would win.

"I applied for the competition primarily for the challenge and socializing. It was all great, the organization, company. The first thing I did when I got up was go to the toilet. I have three children, two sons and a daughter, eight, six, and three and a half years old. My husband was with me until yesterday, but he had to go back because of the job and the children. I miss my children."

This event, held for the sixth consecutive time, is held in the ethnic village "Montenegro", which attracts more and more attention of the media and visitors year after year.

Milonja Blagojević, the creator of this idea and owner of the ethnic village, said that they had some very interesting competitors this year and that he is glad that good acquaintances were made. 

"I cannot say that they are lazy people, but they are extremely hard-working people who are psychologically strong. The first year we organized the tournaments purely from a joke, but it has gained an international character, the world's televisions have come to broadcast, and these humorous marketing ideas can only bring good to Montenegro. When they found out about what the event was, the foreigners were delighted, and they came to take pictures. Last year, the competition was broadcasted by the French national television and we had French tourists who heard about us through this competition," he concluded.

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