Mitrović - Winner of the Biggest World Acknowledgment in Gastronomy

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The Montenegrin chef Vuksan Vuko Mitrović became an honorary member of the World Association of Wickets (WACS), and this is the biggest recognition in the world of gastronomy, which was given to him in Malaysia in mid-July, and consists of sword, sash and badge. 

Mitrović, as announced at the press conference of the non-governmental organization (NGO), the Association of Montenegrin cuisine chiefs, received the acknowledgement of the honorary, lifelong member of the World Association of Chefs at the World Congress of Kitchen chiefs, attended by 1,000 cooks from 124 countries.

The recipient of the award and the president of the Association of Montenegrin cuisine chief Vuksan Vuko Mitrović said that it is a great honor to go on a stage "while the best world chefs applaud and acknowledge your work."  

"This sash was given for the first time in 1928 to Escoffier, the father of modern cuisine. Since then, 140 cooks have received such a sash. The value itself gives me the right to be proud of Montenegro's entry into such a small number of recognizable chefs, "Mitrović pointed out in the PR Center.

He said the prize will, from now on, be awarded every four years, and that the criteria will be even more stringent and that, as he said, makes the reward even more valuable.

"It's a huge army. Decisions are made for the next four years, and every two years, decisions are made on what will be essential for the next four years. Standards are changing in the gastronomy, it is a whole science. Ways of nutrition are changing, new theses in cuisine are being established, "Mitrović said.

He explained that he was awarded for the prize by more than 100 awards he received during his lifetime. "Most of the acknowledgments I received are international acknowledgments. In Slovenia, I was awarded with the black orchid, a lifetime award. Serbia has awarded me with three gold medals, which I have also received from the Croats. And I am also the Honorary Chef of Saudi Arabia, "Mitrović said.He said that he has been in the kitchen since he was 12, while he began to take it seriously at the age of 16, after which he continued with his education in Dubrovnik, which was one of the six best schools in the region. "Every television has a live show on cooking and education on television has to exist, but it must be of great quality. Not everyone can be a professional chef, because if you educate someone, you have to educate him in the right way. We, as an educational center in Europe have been awarded three or four years ago as the best training center in the Eastern Europe in the field of adult education, primarily in culinary and gastronomy, as well as food and beverage services, "said Mitrović.

The Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Ćazim Hodžić, assessed that it is a great success of Montenegro to have a cheg who is among the top 40 in the world.

"This award is very important for Montenegro, especially in the field of tourism. There are special tourists who visit places to try food and that is elite tourism, "Hodzic explained.

He said that Mitrović with his hard work, every day, is investing in the new generations.

It will be a new side of our country. I expect that in the coming years we will be a small country, which will be an important factor in the region, "Hodzic said.

The PR of National Tourism Organization, Nina Vukčević, said that Montenegro, with this recognition, "entered the big door" into the world of gastronomy.

"With its size and economic strength, small Montenegro is investing great efforts to penetrate into the developed world. The closest to this goal is, in the field of tourism and initiated by this, food production, "Vukečević said.

She pointed out that gastronomy is one of the most important factors for tourism development.

"During the previous tourist season, we conducted a survey on the attitudes and consumption of tourists" Guest way ", which showed that the gastronomy is at the top of the scale of these parts of the tourist offer that are appealing to our tourists," Vukčević said. Secretary of the Association of Montenegrin cuisine chief Bogdan Krsmanović said that people like Vuk Mitrović, who presented Montenegro to the world, "we have to keep and learn from them". "This recognition is the crown of our common work. Lifetime Achievement Award in such a small country, which probably is not known by a large number of WACS participants, is a fact that everyone should be happy and satisfied, "Krsmanović said.He said that Mitrović is a real example of how to educate a chef, to make progress and transmit knowledge. "The most important spice for every chef is love. It is a spice that cannot be bought and if there is no love, there are no good dishes. Montenegro has great talents, we have great potential, and the result is not lacking, "Krsmanovic stated.

Text by Vijesti online, on July 31st 2-18, read more at Vijesti

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