100,000 Visitors in Ulcinj on Daily Basis

By , 01 Aug 2018, 10:40 AM Lifestyle
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The season in Ulcinj is in full speed, the number of guests is at the same level as last year, and this town is visited by up to 100,000 tourists daily, said to CdM the director of Ulcinj Tourist organization, Fatmir Đeka.

"There is the same number of guests like last year, but the structure is significantly better. Ulcinj is returning in grand style to the European and also the world tourist map, where it objectively belongs, "said Đeka.

In this municipality, there is a growth in the number of guests staying in hotels, for one fifth more.


 "There is a growing number of guests in the camps, which is a hit this season. Visits to this type of accommodation are higher for almost 50%, "he added. The director of Ulcinj's TO believes that it is still to be shown in the coming years that the tourism in Ulcinj is restoring its old glow, a town that has made 40 percent of Montenegrin tourism income three decades ago. "Because there have been great investments in the hotel industry and overall infrastructure: from traffic to the electric, sewage and water supply networks. For us this year, the most important thing is that we have achieved two goals we have been aiming for in years: that we have raised the level of offers, that is, the overall quality, and more importantly, that the season will be longer. Therefore, we are satisfied, although it is a lot of work and challenges. But tourism is both work and love, "says Đeka.

According to him, there are problems, but they try to solve them ad hoc.

"There are the usual issues, noise, traffic jams, lack of parking, beggars, taking over public areas ... We had a great deal of trouble in reconstructing the main road towards Sukobin border crossing, where most of the guests arrive to Ulcinj Riviera," he added.

All the problems, the citizens as old tourist workers strive to replace with their courtesy and affordable prices of all services.

"Our town is a quiet and pleasant place where there are practically no incidents, although daily with our tourists and visitors coming from other cities we have up to 100,000 guests. The problem is certainly illegal accommodation because the actual number of tourists is much higher than what is being registered. This is our old ache and we try to address it with appeals and the work of municipal authorities and services for the tourists to legally register”, stressed Đeka.

Text by A.Gajević, on July 31st 2018, read more at CdM

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