Girl from Cetinje besides her Physical Disability is Happy and Successful

By , 29 Jul 2018, 12:39 PM Lifestyle
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Twenty-two-year-old Lidija Borilović from Cetinje, who when she was 17 remained without her right hand despite everything, is happy and successful and has never given up on her goals.

Talking to Radio Cetinje she recalled the painful moments, when five years ago in the workplace, one wrong move changed her life.

What happened to me then changed my life for 180 degrees, because all happened suddenly. After an emergency surgery in Belgrade and returning to Cetinje, it was extremely difficult for me, although I was not even fully aware at first what happened to me. After the initial shock, as time passed, I began slowly to recover and to accept reality and disability, "says Lidija.

The hardest thing was the anticipation.

"I was thinking when I came home how I would be accepted, whether people would look at me with different eyes. However, that did not happen, I mostly think of those who are dear to me. My fear seemed unjustified. At first I did not leave much of the house, but later, slowly, I got involved in the social life, "this girl from Cetinje said.

For a complete mental recovery, she said, it did not take much time, stressing that the crucial role was her decisive willpower.

"If you reiterate to yourself that you are just as important an individual as everyone else, then it significantly shortens the time of accepting yourself. Thanks to my great desire and willingness to compensate for the disability, I was quickly rehabilitated and I began to do all the work as before. When you truly accept yourself, you are already halfway, "says the brave Lidija.

In spite of everything, Lidija never gave up on her goals.

"The willpower is important, and it is never lacking with me. My family and friends always supported me, their support meant a lot to me to survive through the difficult moments that, fortunately, are now behind me, "Borilovic believes.

Meanwhile, she found a job in Cetinje paraplegic Association, pointing out that this engagement was a great help at the sociological and psychological plan.

"There I met many loving people with whom I became friend. I've been working in the Paraplegic Association for a year and six months, and they have enabled me to learn some of the jobs in the Printing Company Obod and Opus 3, as well as certain administrative tasks. Now I am attending the training on design and printing, and then expecting we could start a social entrepreneurship in dealing with service activities - copying documents, binding, laminating, and carrying out propaganda material. From this project I have great expectations, primarily that we can finance ourselves from our own jobs and I really expect the support of the local government, "Borilović said.

She points out that disability must not be an obstacle to the way to happiness, considering that hard work and huge personal struggle are always worthwhile at the end.

"Most importantly, I feel very pleased with the many plans and goals I want to accomplish. I would like to tell to all people with disabilities, especially young people, not to surrender, to always look ahead, to work on themselves. And to keep in mind – that the only thing that it is important is who you are as a person and not your physical disadvantages, "Borilović concluded.

Text by Radio Cetinje, on July 27th 2018, read more at CdM

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