“Every Can Counts” Project in Montenegro

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“Every Can Counts” Project in Montenegro Copyrights: everycancounts.eu

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July 14, 2018 - Since all cans are completely recyclable an endless number of times, recycling cans makes sense, since it saves energy, natural resources and reduces the number of greenhouse gases, as explained by the organizers of the “Every Can Counts” campaign in Montenegro.

The program is a partnership between can manufacturers, beverage manufacturers, the recycling industry and environmental organizations, who know how much recycling cans is important and want to encourage you to recycle more. Aside from Montenegro, this campaign is conducted in numerous countries from all over the world, like Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, France, Scotland, and Greece.

As the organizers explain, the program "Every Can Counts" aims to help people recycle their cans and in this way helps you to contribute to the protection of the environment. The campaign wants to help you recycle your cans whether you are at an event, in an office or at the mall. The program has an educational character since it tries to help people to understand why recycling matters and how it works. In fact, the steel and aluminum from which cans were made, were collected and reused as solvent much before the term "recycling" was invented at all. Recycled metal has exactly the same characteristics as raw material, but it takes less than 25% of energy for its production. Recycling cans reduce the consumption of natural resources, and at the same time reduces the amount of waste going to landfills.


The organizers of this campaign cooperate with organizers of the biggest events all over Europe in order to make recycling easy in places like music festivals and sports events. In addition, they work with local authorities to help them promote recycling at local gathering sites, such as beaches and shopping centers. The main financial partners of the movement are European Aluminium Association, Ball Packaging Europe, Trebjesa Brewery and Coca-Cola Hellenic Group.

The next big move of the campaign is its promotion at the music festivals "Moto skup" and "Thunder fest" for the first time. "Moto skup", a two-day festival organized by the Moto Club "Sokolovi" from Berane, will be held on July 13 and 14 in the area of the former cellulose factory, and "Thunder fest", which is organized by the Tourist Organization Berane, will be held on July 28-29 at Berane Airport. The local partner whose activists will promote the campaign and visitors' animation within "Moto Skup" and "Thunder fest" for the recycling of cans will be a non-governmental organization "Northern Country".

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