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July 14, 2018 - Among the 120 volunteers, the young people who supported the organization of the 26th Kotor Children's Theater Festival is a large number of activists from NGO Our Action. them, there will not be much time for rest. The festival has just finished, and new summer obligations are already coming. Our action this summer is organized by a volunteer camp, and supporters have come from Belgium. The goal: a more beautiful and functional yard and sports ground for the Veljko Drobnjaković Primary School in Risan.

Volunteering in Montenegro relies on only a few organizations, and recently the most active is NGO Our Action from Kotor. The organization was founded by Patricia Pobric, a retired US Army member who returned to Montenegro after 20 years and decided to dedicate her work primarily with young people.

We asked what it is like in Montenegro is when it comes to the awareness in the need for giving their time and effort for the benefit of the community. "As far as volunteering in Montenegro is concerned, I think it is slowly progressing, the number of volunteers is getting bigger and bigger. More and more people realize that the volunteers are the backbone and the gift of a strong community, that without it much cannot be accomplished. We are an organization formed in 2012, and we really see an increase in the number of volunteers of all ages who are interested in donating their time, their work and effort to improve something, to see some changes they would like to see in our communities." The NGO Our Action implements numerous projects and programs throughout Montenegro, succeeding in connecting young people from all over the country who are willing to work, explore, acquire new knowledge and acquaintances. Our Action is also a valuable and persistent associate of local city administrations all over the country, with whom it realizes primarily ecological volunteer actions, but also actions of activation of architectural heritage, the arrangement of public areas, education for children and youth. Patricia emphasizes that for young people in Montenegro who do not enjoy the mobility opportunities given to their peers in more progressive societies due to different socio-economic barriers, it is extremely important to connect as much as possible among themselves and with young people from other countries. Such an opportunity was given also this summer.

Our Action was given a call for partnership and cooperation with the Antwerp Scout team from Belgium, who wanted to complete their stay in Kotor with some volunteer action for the benefit of the local community. They gladly responded and suggested to organize a volunteer camp to decorate and beautify the Elementary School Veljko Drobnjaković in Risan. The camp is part of a wider project "Education and activism for a beautiful city and a better future", and it is realized under the auspices of the Municipality of Kotor and with the sponsorship of TO Kotor.

The two-day camp starts on Sunday, July 15th. Thirty young people from Belgium and the same number of local volunteers and activists of Our Action and youth from Kotor and Risan will arrange a hallway as well as a sports court in front of the elementary school Veljko Drobnjaković and thus beautify the space for children in this local community. Preparatory works for the action have already begun with the volunteer work of parents, employees, and management of the elementary school "Veljko Drobnjaković"

The camp is open to all interested volunteers. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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