Brajović: Winners of Awards Made an Indelible Trace in Heritage of Montenegro

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July 13, 2018 - Winners of the Award for lifetime achievement for this year, Vukic Pulević, Krsto Andrijašević, Aleksa Asanović, and Adnan Čirgić, have left a deep identity stake in Montenegrin heritage through scientific, social and artistic handwriting, said the president of the Parliament Ivan Brajović. 

At the July 13th Award for Lifetime Achievement, he pointed out that July 13th represents the personification of Montenegrin tendency for freedom and state. "Montenegro was tempered and founded at the Berlin Congress on July 13th, 1878, as well as on the July fires on July 13th, 1941. As there is no stone that does not remember a sacrifice for freedom in Montenegro, and if anything we have too many stones here, so there is almost no date that could be the date of the Statehood Day of Montenegro, "Brajovic said.

He said that he often forgets the role of an individual, who is the main force in elevating the man and the whole society.

Brajovic pointed out that Pulević had earned merit much earlier, but "the respected professor knows that people are late and the works are born on time, like his."

"Nor is anyone like Krsto Andrijašević aware of the fact that art is not read in the line of life, but art reads both the lines and points in a man's life, with that poetical Esperanto that we first learn from the music. Mr. Asanovic learned this from the life and theory and then he conveyed it to many generations of young artists with the same dedication and fervor that Professor Čirgić founded the Montenegrin language in the essence of the Montenegrin identity," said Brajovic.

He said that the time has arrived for Montenegro to rely on its own potential and institutions.


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"The 13th July vowers, as well as the winners of the Awards, have left a deep and indelible mark in our past and our times, as our rivers have left deep and inexplicable clashes, not in geography, but on the cheek of Montenegro. Each scientific, social and artistic handwriting is a deep identity in the heritage of Montenegro," said Brajovic.

The president of the jury, Rajko Todorovic Todor, said the winners deserved to be awarded with this high-level prize for their life-work.

According to him, Professor Vukic Pulević is well known in the European botanical literature and is famous for significant results and discoveries. "Vukic Pulević is the first educated Montenegrin botanist, who has laid the foundations of botany in very complex historical and social conditions. He has made a significant contribution in the field of museum work, formation and general herbarium of Montenegro, as well as in the bibliography of botanical research," said Todorovic. He said that over 40 years Krsto Andrijašević has continuously developed a unique art poetry that, as he said, there are no direct models and that all-important Montenegrin critics and art historians have dealt with his opus.

"The great artist Dado Djuric spoke, bearing in mind Andrijašević's sculpture, about his superiority, the presentation of the anatomy of human consciousness in relation to French artists," Todorovic highlighted.

As he announced, Andrijašević was recommended for the 13th July Award by the "Mirror face" exhibition from the previous year and the monograph "Krsto Andrijašević 2018".

"The exhibition Mirror face presented new drawings made in ink, looking at faces whose morphology always comes down to several essential elements, as well as the need to be fixed, retained and remembered longer than the moment it seemed unique," Todorovic said


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He explained that the winner of the 13th July award, Aleksa Asanovic, was recommended by his achievements in the previous two years. "Asanović is the director of the Andre Navara Music School, which, due to its quality, is included in the UNESCO school association. He is dealing with the history of the Montenegrin language, as well as the issue of the standard of our language. He was recommended by the books, because "Dialectology of the Montenegrin language" represents an original and great contribution to Montenegrin and Yugoslav dialectology," Todorovic said. 

The 13th Anniversary Award winner, literate Adnan Čirgić, said that the reputation of this award and the importance of the date on which it is awarded obliges the winners to work persistently on the spiritual and cultural development of Montenegro. The fact that the jury this year awarded prizes to those whose dedication to Montenegro and its anti-fascist tradition is unquestionable gives us the basis for hoping that the state has stepped into the new age," Čirgić said. 

As he said, the 13th July Award is not just a prize for personal work, but also for the predecessors whose work is based on the creativity of the winner of that award. "The award given to me in the field of Montenegrin language and literature is not only for me but for the wide range of Montenegrin philologists and culture workers who have founded contemporary Montenegrin language in the last half-century," said Čirgić. 

The winner of the 13th July Award, cello player Aleksa Asanović, said that this recognition is an award for the vision."The school was opened at the most difficult time, during the war and when they were escaping from these areas and not opening schools. It was a vision that was successfully realized. This is the award to the professors who worked as a team as well as to the state which recognized these people and supported them," Asanovic said. 

The winner of the 13h July Award, academician sculptor Krsto Andrijašević, said that this is the most significant award of his work so far. "Every prize is beautiful, especially one that is the biggest in Montenegro, so I am more than grateful," Andrijašević said. Another winner, botanist Vukic Pulević, said that this recognition is an extraordinary boost for the future. The award, the honorable date, as well as the ceremony itself makes me happy especially when I entered the serious years and extended my enthusiasm," said Pulević. 

The decision on the laureates was made by the jury, led by Rajko Todorović-Todor and members of the Jury, prim. dr sci. med Asim Dizdarević, professor emeritus Ilija Vujošević, prof. Dr. Igor Lakić and Mr. Miomir Vojinović.

Text by Vijesti online, on July 12th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

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