90.300 Men and 94.300 Women Live in Podgorica

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July 11, 2018 - The Draft Action Plan for Gender Equality in the capital for 2019-2020. was presented to the public with the general assessment that the gender equality is based on the simple principle of equal rights for all human beings, to enhance their abilities, to improve their personal capacities, to participate in creating and enriching social goods, control and equal usage of community resources whose members are all of them.

According to the data obtained from Monstat, in April 2018, there are 184,600 inhabitants in the capital, 90,300 male, and 94,300 female.

In Podgorica, 86,900 people are employed, out of which 46,300 are men and 40,600 are women, stated the public discussion of the draft plan. As Ivana Vucinic, the coordinator for the document delivery working group said, the plan is based on the international and domestic legal sources. There are 2,880 employees in the capital (administration authorities, professional and special services and public services whose founder is the capital city). There are 703 employees in the administrative authorities of the capital, professional and special services, out of which 368 are women and 335 are men. There are four women and 15 men at the chief positions in the authorities of the capital.

According to data from March this year, a total of 2.361 employees, of which 745 women and 1,616 men, are based in the public service, whose founder is the capital.

There are seven women and 14 men at the management positions of the executive director in 21 public services, whose founder is the capital (limited liability companies and public institutions).

Text by Dan, on July 11th, 2018, read more at CdM

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