Preliminary Design Solution for Urbanization of Sadina Revealed

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July 3, 2018 - At the International Competition for the Preliminary Urban-Architecture Design and Study, with the recommendations for the Urbanization of Sadina in Podgorica, which was published by the City of Podgorica in cooperation with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, the first prize was awarded to the team led by Dr. Svetlana Perovic from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Montenegro.

The team consisted of Mr. Đorđe Nedeljković, Mr. Aleksandar Nedeljković, Radoš Pešić, Mr. Marija Ćaćić (associate at the Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica), Bojana Raspopović and Bojana Cerović.

As reported by the University of Montenegro, out of 18 submitted works, involving 101 participants in total, with a total of 638 points out of a maximum of 700, the designs were evaluated by the seven-member jury, who anonymously and independently reviewed the received projects.



The jury consisted of prof. Mr. Dimitrije Mladenović (President), prof. Dr. Kaliopa Dimitrovska Andrews, prof. Dr. Svetislav G. Popović, prof. Dr. Rifat Alihodzic, Dr. Biljana Ivanovic, Dragana Čenic and Zorica Rakcevic. The Jury, in its Final Report, stated that they are "unanimous from the point of view that the proposed solution represents an avant-garde but realistic spatial concept... Its realization will make a significant contribution to the future urban development of Podgorica". 

Among other things, it was also noted that the "logical integral concept of a creative, humane, compact city for 32,000 inhabitants was proposed, which combines and reinterprets the elements of orthogonality and organic spontaneity, recognizable in the inherited urban matrix of the city." 

"The essence of this solution lies in the original spatial concept of non-repeating blocks, characterized by the accentuated dynamics and richness of visual sequences that can be seen in the curving streets of Old Varoš, so the old Podgorica spirit moves across Moraca river in a new and modern way. The architecture imposed by the proposed concept must be deprived of confection and repetition."

Perovic expressed gratitude to the jury, who, through the proposed design solution, recognized the true desire for Podgorica's further development, a productive idea, a productive idea for a new creative city, a creative class, a creative industry for the creative economy of Podgorica and Montenegro.



"A possible path to the productive urban growth of the capital is recognized to improve its own position on the global map of the hierarchy of urban centers. The green energy that needs to be dominated in the green system of Podgorica has also been recognized, and we have started from a complex word, which is consciousness. A consciousness ready enough to adopt a change, to initiate an action. A consciousness articulated in the unconventional, innovative urban planning logic, urban regeneration, which respects the previously created. We have proposed a solution where there is no place for autonomous, personal and autonomous disciplinary prestige. This is an opportunity for transdisciplinary action, the transdisciplinary paradigm of urban planning, developed at the platform of integrated knowledge (academic and non-academic, various disciplines, science, and profession, theories and practice) with the participation of all the constructive stakeholders of the community, whose focus is the city and its beneficiaries. With the proposed solution we wanted to point out that there is an opportunity, possibility, openness, freedom, for all the future productive ideas and actions that will be created in the area of Sadina, for further creative development and improvement of Podgorica," said Perovic among other things.

Text by Vijesti online, on July 2nd 2018, read more at Vijesti

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