Petition Against the Construction of Hotel at St. Nikola Island

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St. Nikola Island St. Nikola Island Vuk Lajovic

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June 28, 2018 - The presidents of the Town Council Stari Grad and NGO Porat – Pizana, Slobodan Bobo Mitrović and Jerolim Dragicevic, have launched a petition asking the Montenegrin Parliament and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism to prevent the construction of a hotel with 500 beds and a marina with 50 berths on the island St. Nikola.

This is precisely what is foreseen in the draft of the Spatial Plan of Special Purpose for the Coastal Area (PPPNOP).

Part of the island is owned by the former Thai Prime Minister Taksin Shinawatra.

"This petition, this appeal, is a continuous echo of our eternal love and concern for the island, unspoiled nature, cultural and historical heritage and responsible care for the offspring. With hope and confidence, we are addressing the delegates not to adopt the construction of a hotel and marina on the island, but to keep the park-forest as in all previous plans, for the common benefit. It is obvious that the proposer of the plan does not know the real life in this area, because if the proposed construction on the island is allowed, a whole living world will disappear," says in the petition which began earlier this week.

They state that it is "unreasonable, irrational, and as a policy of development inconceivable, that within the same ministry, one sector announces millions as figures that will be necessary to fulfill the norms in Chapter 27, while others plan a total aggression onto the nature at the same time, for which €1 billion will not be enough for its ecological rehabilitation." 

Urbanization of the island is contrary to urban norms, international conventions, EU standards in Chapter 27, and contrary to the standards of the countries in the region, where issues of preservation and protection of islands and coastal areas have been raised to the highest civilization and ecological levels. That is why urbanization and the deforestation of the only island on the "open sea" are a planning and investor scandal. They warn that if the proposed facilities were to be built, Budva would literally be "completely devastated," as one of the previous ministers of tourism and sustainable development forecasted.

"If you are depriving us of the island, you have deprived us of a living support, filled with the values of an original authentic, glimpse of the world. Today's world is hungry for the beauty and untouched nature, which we had in abundance in Budva. We are inviting you to respect the Constitution, which means that the island of St. Nikola in PPPNOP plan should remain a park-forest and improved to a botanical reserve."

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on June 27th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

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