RTCG Pays 350.000 Euros for World Cup, Equipment for HD Signal is Rented

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June 22, 2018 - We are a society that accepts changes and is always ready for criticism, whether justified or not, which has been shown by the most recent example when Radio Television of Montenegro announced that the World Cup would be broadcast in HD resolution. 

After it was announced that lovers of the most important subordinate things in the world would be able to watch TVCG in HD resolution, a number of negative comments appeared on social networks in a short time, with the most common saying: "The world was able to do this for decades, what did we wait for till until now?" "RTCG remembers well and we pay them","We're always late in relation to the rest of the world"...

Acting director of RTCG Public Service, Božidar Šundić, said in a statement that all this work was contracted prior to his appointment but was proud to say that with the cooperation of the RTCG engineering team, cable operators, the Broadcasting Center and the Agency for Electronic Media, this project was realized in a record time.

"To make it clear, digitalization and HD resolution have nothing to do with each other. RTCG leased 12,000-euro worth equipment in order to broadcast 64 matches from the World Cup Cup held in Russia. Two engineers, one Slovenian and one Austrian are engaged with the RTCG team in this project. RTCG will give 350,000 euro for the broadcasting of the matches from the Mundial," Sundic said. When the HD program was released three days ago, many complained that they could not find the program, that it was not announced on the channel as announced earlier. Šundić explains what actually happened.

"When on the first evening the satellite signal from Russia arrived, cable operators were not technically ready to take it," Šundić pointed out. When asked whether the Public Service will continue with this practice in the future, Šundić replied that everything depends on the finances, but also the question is why they would do so when digitalization will take place. "However, for watching the program in HD, three devices are needed, which cannot be found on the market. These are devices that take the satellite image and convert it to an HD signal that is being sent to a further distribution," he explained. 

According to Šundić, broadcasting matches on the HD channel is a real hit and a financial injection for RTCG. All six minutes of advertising during the broadcasting of the matches from Russia is sold out," Šundić said. For those who do not know, if there are any, Telemah platform users D3 and D3i can watch the World Cup on channel 145 as well as on EON. At the moment, on mTel the new TCG channel is on number 999, on Extra TV in position 100, and through Radio-diffused service in the TV package for all, after the scan, channel number 19.

Text by A. Obradovic, on June 22nd 2018, read more at CdM

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