European Silent Cinema Star from Budva

By , 15 Jun 2018, 13:15 PM Lifestyle

Every crossword lover in former Yugoslavia knows about Ita Rina, the Slovenian-born European movie star from the late twenties and early thirties of the twentieth century.

Ita Rina was born as Italina Kravanja in Slovenia in 1907. She won the first Slovenian national beauty contest and was chosen to participate in Miss Yugoslavia in 1926. Even though she hadn't won the title, she was noticed by film producers and her career had a flying start. She stared in the most prominent European cinema of the time, and Czech film Erotikon, which brought her international recognition.


She married a Serbian student and converted to orthodox Christianity and changed her name to Tamara Đorđević. She declined the offer from Hollywood and decided to stay in Yugoslavia.
After 1931 she stopped her acting career and during the Second World War, moved to a small town in Serbia. After the war, with the personal intervention of Tito, she came back to the big screen acting in Veljko Bulajić "Atomic War Bride". That was her last appearance on the big screen. After an asthma diagnosis, she moved to Budva where she died in 1979.

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