Gems of Montenegrin Coast Inaccessible for Most Citizens

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Available only to the privileged ones: Kraljičina plaža Available only to the privileged ones: Kraljičina plaža Vuk Lajovic

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June 11, 2018 - Kraljičina (Queen), the most beautiful Montenegrin beach which is owned by the Adriatic property company of the Greek businessman Petros Statis this summer, as well as in the previous decade, is the former territory of Montenegro.

The privilege of being in this beautiful natural bay, the perennial Millennium Park, belongs only to the guests of the hotel complex Aman - Sveti Stefan. And while travelers and tourists to the Queen's Beach are greeted by a padlock on a meter and a half high-pitched fence, the inscription on the Queen's beach of the hotel St. Stefan says the following: "Use of beach sets is mandatory. Any person who does not respect the rules of the beach will be processed," which is stated on the wooden boards at the entrance to the beach under Villa Miločer, where the rental of umbrellas and two deck chairs cost 120 euro. On the hotel's beach of St. Stefan, it is a little bit “cheaper "and amounts to a trivial 100 euro. For those who decide to rent the set after 3 p.m., the management of the St. Stefan hotel complex - Miločer gives a 50 percent discount. Of course, included in the renal price, visitors receieve water, juices, and fruits.


Svetostefanska plaza PHOTO: Vuk Lajović

 It is true that the Queen's Beach was reserved for the so-called elite decades ago, and initially for communist leaders so that during the transition, the beach was taken over by quasi-business and political elite. With the lease of the Miločer complex - Sveti Stefan in the multi-year lease to Statis's company, the Queen's beach is formally enclosed and isolated from our coast because it is inaccessible 20 meters away from where you can only see it through the metal bars. There are security members who will tell everyone that the beach is exclusively for the hotel guests and that you can go for a swim in the neighboring King or St. Stephen's Beach. The Great Milocer Beach or Kraljeva (King’s) beach, however, was completely empty yesterday. No one was swimming, and a dozen beach sets stood empty, and it was similar to the St. Stefan beach.


Warning to the tourists at Milocer beach PHOTO: Vuk Lajović

For those who want to bathe at St. Stephen, they can do it on the right side of the beach, where renting sunshades and sun loungers near the town hotel are 20 euro. At the far end of the beach, below the village of Šumet, is a part that is liberated from beach furniture. The use of beach furniture is also mandatory on the hotel beach in Przun under the hotel "Maestral", which is owned by Statis' firm “Monte rock”, an umbrella and deck chair costs 50 euro. Deckchairs are also laid on the part of the town beach in Przun, and there is a small part left for those who want to sunbathe on the sand.


Panel at the beach St. Stefan PHOTO: Vuk Lajović

Adriatic Properties is a long-term leaseholder of the Town Hotel "Sveti Stefan" and "Villa Miločer" as well as Hotel "Kraljičina plaža", which in 2007 was leased from HG "Budva riviera,  i.e. HTP "Miločer". The Parliament of Montenegro has extended the lease of "Sveti Stefan", "Villa Miloser" and "Kraljičina plaza" from 30 to 42 years, while the land near the hotel "Kraljičina plaža" was planned for a 90-year lease, where they planned to construct apartments. Statis is waiting for permission to demolish the Hotel "Kraljičina plaža" and in its place to build a hotel four times bigger.


Padlock at King’s beach PHOTO: Vuk Lajović

Unfortunately, loungers are also occupying the beaches in Budva this summer. Plastic or wooden, they have covered the most beautiful parts of the sandy beaches.

The Regulator on conditions that landscaped and constructed beaches must keep half of the beach area exempt from the furniture. This does not apply to a hotel's beach resort, which, as stated in the rulebook, is "a landscaped and constructed beach, with limited access to guests outside the hotel, and which are mostly confined to the highest standard, low density, and high comfort".

In many cases, many lease-takers do not make half of the beaches furniture-free in the peak season, or they only free the unapproachable part bathers would otherwise avoid for peace and recreation.

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on June 11th 2018, read more at Vijesti

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