Which Montenegrin Beaches Have a Blue Flag this Summer?

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Awarding of the Blue flags Awarding of the Blue flags CdM

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The first Blue Flag in 2018 was raised today by the State Secretary from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Damir Davidovic, on the Kamenovo beach in Budva, which is a long-time recipient of this prestigious ecological acknowledgment.

June 6, 2018 - The Director of JP “Morsko dobro”, Predrag Jelušić, presented 10 certificates to beaches which are in the two-year pilot phase of the project, and a total of 30 Blue flags, respectively 29 for beaches along the Montenegrin coast and one blue flag to the only marina in Montenegro with this international ecological acknowledgment - Marina Bar.

Davidović pointed out that the number of beaches with the Blue flag shows that Lessees of the beaches are increasingly aware of this type of project and that the Blue Flag Program connects to the development of a tourism product based on the quality and the issue of environmental protection. He pointed out the importance of respecting high ecological standards in all spheres of tourism activities.

Jelušić congratulated the Blue Flag winners and expressed the satisfaction that more and more lessees are ready to comply with over 28 environmental criteria in the field of quality of sea water, beach services and safety standards in the field of environmental protection, education and information on ecological values a prerequisite for this prestigious acknowledgment. He added that the 30 Blue flags along the Montenegrin coastline represent an enviable number, taking into account that the length of our coast is just over 300 km.

The Executive Director of NGO Ecom, Saša Karajović, reminded that the number of Blue Flags on our beaches increased year by year thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of JP “Morsko dobro” and, of course, the lessees, and judging by the number of the beaches in the pilot phase of the program that number has a growing trend.

The international recognition of a Blue Flag is an exclusive ecological attribute that is awarded annually to beaches and marinas whose users want to get involved in this program and which meets 32 prescribed criteria, of which 28 are mandatory while the remaining are recommended. The Blue Flag is awarded to a beach or marina for the current season, based on the decision of the International Jury, consisting of representatives of UNEP (UN Environment Program), UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), ILS (International Federation for Rescue) EEA (European Environment Agency), IUCN (World Wildlife Fund), International Environmental Education Expert, ICOMIA representative (International Association of Marine Mariners), Independent Environmental Education Expert and FEE (Ecological Education Foundation) , which implements the Blue Flag Program. The International Jury shall consider the candidacies submitted by the National Commission established by the Ministry of Montenegro responsible for tourism, consisting of the representatives of the Public Enterprise for the Management of the Sea, Ministries responsible for Tourism and Environmental Protection, the Port Captain, the Red Cross of Montenegro and two representatives of the non-governmental sector.


These are the beaches with the Blue Flags in Montenegro for 2018:

Municipality Herceg Novi (one beach)
– beach „Stevuzo“, bay Dobreč – user “Northstar” doo

Municipality Tivat (three beaches)
– beach „Almara beach“, Oblatno – user „Mont Voyage“ doo
– beach „Plavi Horizont“, Plavi horizont – user „Primorje hotels & restaurants“ ad Tivat
– beach „Kalardovo“, Kalardovo – user „Kalardovo plus“ doo

Municipality Budva (13 beaches)
– beach „Escallera“, Jaz – user „Escallera“ doo
– beach „Blue Beach“, Jaz – users Mikijelj Dragan and Ivanović Slobodan
– beach „S and I beach life“, Jaz – user „S & I company“ doo
– beach „Poseidon“, Jaz – user „Poseidon“ doo
– beach „San Trope“, Slovenska plaža – user „Pinokio“ doo
– beach „Time out“, Slovenska plaža – user „Amon Express“ doo
– beach „Dolcevita“, Bečići – user „Dolce Vita Lux„ doo
– beach „Sveti Toma“, Bečići – user „ProAqua Montenegro“ doo
–beach „Kamenovo 17A“, Kamenovo – user „Kamenovo beach“ doo
–beach „Kamenovo 17B“, Kamenovo – user „La Suerte“ doo
– beach „Drobni pijesak“, Reževići – user „Cinema plus“ doo
– beach „Ponta“, Petrovac – user „Ponta Petrovac“ doo
– beach „Lučice“, Petrovac – user „Pester Co“ doo

Municipality Bar (three beaches)
– beach „Centar“, Sutomore – user „Plaža Centar“ doo
– beach “Korali”, Sutomore – user HTP “Trend Korali” ad
– beach „Paradiso“, Utjeha – user „Alexander & Una“ doo

Municipality Ulcinj (nine beaches)
– beach „Toni gril“, Velika plaža – user „Toni gril“ doo
– beach „Miami“, Velika plaža – user „Miami“ doo
– beach „Evropa beach“, Velika plaža – user „Evropa beach“ doo
– beach „Mojito“, Velika plaža – user „Stefandro“ doo
– beach „Pearl beach“, Velika plaža – user „Hilti hill“ doo
– beach „Safari“, Velika plaža – user „Dely tours“ doo
– beach „MCM beach“, Velika plaža – user „MCM Rental Service“ doo
– beach „Mar Buena“, Velika plaža – user „C&A company“ doo
– beach „Copacabana“, Velika plaža – user „Copacabana Montenegro“ doo

In the pilot phase are:

Municipality Herceg Novi
– beach „Jedinica“ Baošići – user „Jedinica Damjanović“ doo

Municipality Budva
– beach „Svetionik“, Jaz – user „Svetionik“ doo
– beach „Sirena“, Jaz – user „Svetionik“ doo
– beach „Samsara Deluxe“, Bečići – user „Aquario“ doo
– beach „Bella Vista“, Bečići – user „Mikro – international“ doo
– beach „Galija“, Crvena glavica – user “Beach”doo
– beach „Hotel Maestral“, Pržno – user “Hit Montenegro”doo

Municipality Bar
– beach “Vela beach”, Čanj – user “Babović Keramika” doo

Municipality Ulcinj
– beach „White beach“, Velika plaža – user „Natural beach“ doo
– beach „Cabo beach“, Velika plaža – user „Cabo“ doo

Text by CdM, on June 5th, 2018, read more at CdM

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