'Day and Night of Museums' to be Celebrated in 11 Municipalities

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As part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage program, the Day and Night of Museums will be organized in 11 municipalities in Montenegro on May 18th and 19th.

As part of the event, the audience will have the opportunity to participate in free programs organized in Bar, Berane, Bijelo polje, Budva, Cetinje, Herceg Novi, Kotor, Nikšić, Tivat, Podgorica, and Rožaje. This year's theme, "Museum Hyper-connectivity: New Approaches, New Audiences", was selected by the idea of promoting the term "hyper-connectivity", which points to the multiple modes of communication that exist in the contemporary world and are based on electronic mail, messages, and the Internet. Thanks to technology in museums today, through the contemporary presentation of collections, they can reach a new audience, whether it is through digitalization, adding multimedia content or promoting events on social networks. 

The audience in Montenegro will have the opportunity to visit the permanent settings in the museums in Bar and Rožaje in the late evening. The exhibition "Gaser in Montenegro" will be presented in Berane, and in Bijelo Polje, the 32tn Exhibition of "Artistic Design by students in Elementary School" and the cultural and entertaining program "In the Ace of My Gold". The audience in Budva will have the opportunity to visit the permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions at the Museum of the town Budva, the Modern Gallery, the Memorial House Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša, the Memorial House "Reževići" and the Memorial House "Red Municipality". The National Museum in Cetinje has organized a full-day program from 11 a.m. to 8.30 p.m., on the 18th of May, which will include the gathering of the Free Time Club, a lecture on the “stećak” (tomb), a children's workshop "Alphabet of the museum items", the thematic exhibition "Pets of Petrović", sad songs about the museum, as well as lectures on anti-fascism and the Berlin art scene. The audience in Herceg Novi will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition "Lamps of Duricko Stone", which is organized after the lecture "300 years since the founding of the Topalj Communists in Herceg Novi". The "Water Spell" and "Drawing of the World" will open in Kotor, while the Maritime Museum of Montenegro plans a nautical moment for the youngest -  "260 years of the naval battle of the brothers Ivanovic from Dobrota in the port of Piraeus". The Museum of Niksic on May 18th  will present a multimedia project "Noli me tangere", an audio-visual event "The private psychedelic reel", organized and educated workshops of "Body Art" and "Prehistory in the territory of Municipality Niksic". In Tivat there will be seven exhibitions on the 19th of May in the complex Buca-Lukovic, while in Podgorica a rich program will include the exhibition "Photographs at the Montenegrin court",  workshop “Ruka", Petra Borovinić's exhibition "Mosaics" and the promotion of the book "Lyric folk song from old folk periodicals ".

The organization of 'Day and Night of Museums' was supported by the Cultural Center Bar, the Polim Museum, Bijelo Polje Museum, Budva Museum and Gallery, the National Museum of Montenegro, Mirko Komnenović City Museum and the gallery J.B. Benković, Natural History Museum of Montenegro, Montenegrin Maritime Museum, JU Museums and galleries Niksic, Museums and galleries Tivat, JU Museums and galleries Podgorica, and JU Local museum "Ganica kula" Rožaje.

About the Day and Night of Museums

The International Museum Day has been celebrated since 1977 under the sponsorship of the International Museum Council (ICOM), with the aim of affirming museums and highlighting their role in promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. The museum night is a manifestation, organized under the sponsorship of the Council of Europe and ICOM since 2005 at the initiative of the French Museum Directorate, on the first Saturday closest to the 18th of May, when the International Day of the Museum is celebrated. At the invitation of the Ministry of Culture and Communication of the Republic of France, the Montenegrin Ministry of Culture has joined this international event since 2007, providing support to museums in Montenegro to present, valorize and approach the public to the mobile cultural heritage.

Text by CdM, on May 17th, 2018, read more at CdM

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