Savoy Cabbage With Dry Meat: Easy to Prepare Delicious Meal

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Savoy Cabbage With Dry Meat: Easy to Prepare Delicious Meal Savoy Cabbage with Dry Meat, Copyright:

May 7, 2019 - Savoy cabbage belongs to the cabbage family, among the healthiest types of vegetables. It is prepared in a variety of ways, because its low-calorie value allows combining with almost all kinds of meat. In Montenegro, it is usually prepared with potatoes and dry meat. And it's so good, you'll want to eat another plate. Here's our quick and easy recipe. 

Savoy cabbage with dry meat: What do you need?


- One or two heads of Savoy cabbage (1-1.5 kg)

- ½ kg of homemade pork sausages (Njeguši sausages)

- ½ kg of dry, fatty bacon

- 1 kg of white, mountain potatoes

- 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil

- Salt

- Paper

Savoy cabbage with Dry Meat: How to prepare it?

Put the meat into a deeper pot and cover it with water. Cook for five to ten minutes to get rid of excess salt. In the meantime, prepare the Savoy cabbage and potatoes.

The Savoy cabbage needs to be cleaned from the outer layers and then cut into tiny pieces. Sauteee into a deep dish and spread it over the potatoes, which you previously peeled. Spread the dried meat over the potatoes and sprinkle water just to cover all the food.

Cook about an hour and a half on moderate heat.

Note: If you do not have too much time, you can use an express pot to prepare this dish. The procedure is the same, but your meal will be cooked in less time.

Once the bacon could be lightly pulled apart with a fork, your Savoy cabbage with dry meat is done. Then it is necessary to stain the excess water, but not all, so that the dish would not be too dry in the end. Remove the pieces of dried meat on a side dish and add olive oil, salt and pepper. Bon appetite!

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