National Cuisine: Rich History of Kolašin Leafy Cheese

By , 10 Mar 2019, 00:19 AM Gourmet
National Cuisine: Rich History of Kolašin Leafy Cheese Copyrights: Facebook Group "Leafy Cheese Kolašin"

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08 March 2019 - The 6th Montenegrin product that is going to be protected is the famous leafy cheese from Kolašin (the name is derived from its specific texture –thin, almost transparent layers). Nevertheless, not all agree on the part of the city from which this cheese originated and some even question the date of its production. One thing is for sure – this mouthwatering cheese attracts both tourists and locals.

According to Zoran Rakočević, ex-municipal official and a person who used to be part of the team for the development of ‘Morački sliv zdrave hrane’, no one knows the exact date of production of this cheese as householders who knew how to do it produced it for their households only.

“In the Lipovska valley, women first started producing the leafy cheese. It was in the 1950s and it was served as a specialty because many Montenegrin high officials were coming there. Even Blažo Jovanović used to come in this valley, as well as other members of the Central Committee (1949-50). My aunt Milica Rakočević was in charge of making this cheese for the guests. This means the leafy cheese became popular somewhere between 1949-50. The leafy-cheese starter was served to the managers of the Central Committee and my aunt received many compliments for it, even from Blažo Jovanović himself.”

The number of thin cheese layers actually best proves the skill. Milking hygiene is essential and the duration of a product greatly depends on it. Even though statistics show around 100 households are producing the leafy cheese in Kolašin, only 20 of them are known to be the best ones as they’re doing it correctly! One of the best is Svetlana Milošević.

“It is unknown who first started the production of this cheese. Whether it was in Morača or Bare Kraljske or Vasojevići… we cannot be sure, but what we know is that the recipe originated from Kolašin. This cheese is a healthy option, and it is intended for those who have high cholesterol problems,” Svetlana said convincingly.

As she was presenting her product in Italy on the healthy food fair, she certainly is eligible for talking about this cheese.

Regardless of its origin and specific date of production, one thing is for sure – tourists and locals always flock to be served the best Montenegrin cheese ever!

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