Fish in an Envelope: Damir Moskov's Recipe on Regent's Menu

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Fish in an Envelope: Damir Moskov's Recipe on Regent's Menu Fish in an Envelope, Photo by ZOAN Photography

March 2, 2019 - After the success of The Boka Gastronomic Trilogy in hotel Regent Porto Montenegro, Damir Moskov comes to us with his "fish in an envelope" recipe, one of the three recipes Regent’s chefs' team have chosen for Boka Inspired menu of the Pop-up restaurant.

“Inspired by a very simple and tasty dish, baked fish and vegetables, my take is to ‘seal’ everything in baking paper and don’t let any flavour out. The result is a very tender and flavourful fish with vegetables. Although the way of preparing it seems fancy this way (and presentation can be dramatic indeed), the fish will never dry out and the vegetables will be roasted/cooked in beautiful juices that combine olive oil, white wine, and their own juices," explains Damir.

So, let’s see what we need to prepare this delicious meal, and how to do it.


1 seabass file 

2-3 baby potatoes, discs (alternatively zucchini)

2-3 cloves of garlic

1 handful olives

1 handful of cherry tomatoes


1dl white wine

Lemon zest

½ dl olive oil

Salt and paper


Heat the oven to 200 degrees.

You start by preparing the paper, a bit more than double the size of the fish, so that you can prepare everything in one half and close the paper later.

Put the potatoes first and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, then place the fish on top. Sprinkle with olive oil and other ingredients: chopped onion, cherry tomatoes and olives, parsley, a little lemon zest and finally some salt and pepper and white wine.

Tilt the paper and close, going from one end to another. Bake for about 15-20 minutes.

There are two choices to serve this dish. Open the paper and place on the plate just as it is, or get a bit fancy and place potatoes, then lay the fish over, carefully save the other ingredients and water especially and process all in a blender to make a sauce. Serve the sauce on the side of the fish.

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