Liqueur of Herbs and Fruits from Boka Bay You Will Adore

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Liqueur of Herbs and Fruits from Boka Bay You Will Adore Copyright: Mali od kuzine, Radio Tivat

January 27, 2018 - Famous Bokelian gastro blogger Maso Cekic teaches us to prepare liqueurs of the herbs and fruits of Boka Bay.

Mediterranean fragrances do not leave for the cold, winter months. It is enough for the rain to quench; the slightest breeze will bring the smell of pine, spruce, rosemary or laurel leaf. However, when the clouds lay down between the Bokelian hills, it can rain for ten days without ceasing. On those occasions, it is nice that we have ways to invite the blissful nature of this region to your home. One of these ways is to have all these wonderful, wild herbs and fruit squeezed in a liqueur, and we have given it the name it deserves - a liqueur of the plants and fruits of Boka Bay.
First of all, all of these ingredients you can collect on your own. There are citrus trees in almost every yard, and just Vrmac records about 100 species of wild herbs that have spicy or medicinal use.
1 l of pure alcohol or good quality brandy
50 dg of sugar
Eight dl of water
Herbs, Fruit Leaves and Spices:
Rind of lemons, oranges and mandarins, basil, lavender, sage, vanilla, spruce berries, rosemary, chamomile, scallops, rose petals, marshmallow, one small Nutmeg, cinnamon stick, walnuts, almonds and three cloves. If you do not have fresh plants, use dried. It's best to combine.
Wash the herbs, squeeze the citrus rinds on a few pieces, and put them all together in the jar with spices, then sprinkle with alcohol/brandy.  Close the pot and allow it to stay for 40 days in a dark and cold place. It is best to use a 2-litre capacity jar to ensure that, in addition to 1 litre of alcohol/brandy, it is possible to fit enough herbs to give your liquor the desired density, smell and taste.
Once the leaves and herbs have absorbed in alcohol for 40 days, it is ready to become a liqueur. Boil and cool sugar and water, and use the drink from the citrus leaves and other herbs. Mix the syrup and alcohol and pour the liqueur into bottles that you will close tight. Store the drink in a dark place and wait at least 30 days before you try it or offer it to your guests.
Specify the number of citrus rinds and other plants. The recommendation of the author of this recipe, the Bokelian gastro blogger and the publicist Maso Cekic, is to use 2-3 rinds of each of the listed citrus fruits and the other ingredients for one stem.
Maso recommends serving the liqueur after eating, as it is an extraordinary digestive.

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