Djukanović: Food Production is Definitely the Future of Business

By , 05 Apr 2018, 23:35 PM Business
Djukanovic during  the visit to the farm in Martinici Djukanovic during the visit to the farm in Martinici PRINTSCREEN

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Djukanovic visited the “Agromont” farm in Martinici and spoke with the owner Bozidar Jokic about the results and plans of the company regarding food production.

Food production is the future of business, not only in Montenegro but also around the world. Considering all activities in the development of infrastructure and tourism, Montenegro especially has the potential for growth in this business. Therefore, with the construction of new tourism and restaurant facilities, a new market for food producers has been created, said the candidate for the president of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic (DPS). 

As stated from DPS, Djukanovic visited the “Agromont” hen farm in Martinici and spoke with Bozidar Jokic, the owner, about the results and plans in the company regarding food production.

Djukanovic emphasized that he is pleased to see the good results achieved by the efforts of "Agromont” over the last three years and that this is a very serious enterprise which can be a proper guideline for all those who want to start a food manufacturing business.

“I am delighted to have visited the farm in Martinici and to have witnessed the serious efforts this Montenegrin company has made in the last three years, from its beginnings and all activities regarding investments and development. This is an earnest project and an excellent guideline for all others who are thinking about developing a business in Montenegro. It is essential that food manufacturers follow this example, and that they are ready to face the challenges of the Montenegrin and European market by investing in technologies and achieving the European quality ISO 22000. In this way, they will extend the duration of their business and expand possibilities for its growth”, said Djukanovic.

He added that he was glad to hear ideas about the further development of the company and their intentions to invest in the farm itself, as well as other activities starting with the production of forage.

“I think it is encouraging to Montenegro's economy that your efforts produce results and those results generate reactions by domestic businessmen who are ready to accept all possibilities given by the business environment in Montenegro, investing their capital, knowledge and energy in the development of business and growth of Montenegro's economy as well. All of this is excellent and important for our future, and I am glad that I can encourage this attempt at the farm in Martinici. Inspired by what I saw here, I would like to announce that good business in food production has officially commenced in Montenegro and I wish to stimulate everyone considering this business to use this experience and all the potential offered by the Montenegrin economic policy, including support from the invest-development fund, and, of course, all the possibilities which will be multiplied every day as Montenegro approaches the European Union. This includes the possibility to use favorable support funds including non-refundable means, presently through the IPARD program directly, but also through using more generous European funds for the growth of food production in Montenegro in the future”, said Djukanovic after finishing his tour at the farm.

Jokic stated that by constant investments and the modernization of technology, “Agromont” has increased its capacities and plans on new investments to increase their capacities and production. “Agromont” also plans to build a solar power-plant of 1MW in the value of 1.200.000 euro.

DPS stated that Djukanovic held a meeting with members and activists of the Municipality board DPS Danilovgrad during his visit, and also the youngsters from the town where he held an informal conversation. 

Text by Vijesti online, on April 3rd 2018, read more at Vijesti

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