Prices for All Fuel Types Higher, Except for Euro Diesel

By , 03 Apr 2018, 12:32 PM Business
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From midnight on April 4, 2018, all types of fuels in Montenegro, except euro diesel, will be increased to four cents, said the Ministry of Economy. 

The price of euro super fuels 95 and 98 are going to be 1,31 euro, i.e. 1,35 euro.

Whole fuel oil will cost 1,17 euro.

The price of euro diesel will remain the same – 1,2 euro for the next two weeks.

The last change in fuel price took place on February 20th when all types of fuels’ costs, except euro diesel, were decreased by four to five cents.

The maximum retail prices for all fuel types in Montenegro will be compiled, depending on the changes of oil derivate prices in the international market (Mediterranean Platt's Ground) and the currency relation between the Euro and American dollar.

The Ministry announced that, by the Clause on forming the maximum retail prices for oil derivatives, the next calculation would take place on April 16th and the potential changes of values will be valid from April 17th. 

Text by Mina Business, on April 3rd 2018, read more at Vijesti

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