Did You Know that 64 Millionaires Live in Montenegro?

By , 02 Apr 2018, 23:50 PM Business
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At the end of last year, 64 Montenegrin citizens had deposits of more than one million euro. 

“At the end of last year, 64 individuals had deposits of one million euro and more. The highest individual citizen’s deposit through the banking system was 63,3 million euro. Following the clause 84 from the Law on banks, we cannot reveal the names of those who had carried out the largest savings investments”, said the Central bank (CBCG).

Concerning the data from a year ago, the number of millionaires in Montenegro increased by ten, while the amount of the highest deposit increased by nearly 50 million euro.

The total amount of individual and company deposits was nearly three billion euro at the end of the last year.

“From this figure, the citizens’ deposits are 1,7 billion and the company's 1,3 billion”, said the Fund for deposit protection.

Regarding the countries in the region, there are a lot of millionaires who live in these countries, concerning the number of residents.

According to the data published by the end of last year, there are 22 thousand millionaires in Croatia, who have 56,3 billion Croatian kuna or 7,35 billion euro in their saving accounts.

In Serbia, there are approximately 18,000 millionaires, while in Bosnia and Herzegovina, nearly 600 citizens have a savings of more than one million convertible marks.

Text by Dan, on April 2nd 2018, read more at CdM

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