Monthly Statistical Review: Average Salary in Montenegro is 511 Euros

By , 31 Mar 2018, 18:58 PM Business

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March 31st, 2018 - Within Monthly Statistical Review, Statistical Office of Montenegro – MONSTAT publishes the data for Montenegro that is collected and processed in accordance with the Programme of Statistical Surveys, and they represent the result of official statistical producers’ work.

Statistical Office of Montenegro announced information regarding average salary and the economic trends of some sectors in Montenegro for the previous months. According to the data presented by MONSTAT for February, the average wage in Montenegro was 511 euros excluding taxes and fees. The gross average wage was 766 euros.

Average net salaries have been raised in professional, scientific and technical sectors by 4 percent, while in art, entertainment and recreation it grew by 3.8 percent. The increase of average net salaries is also visible in the industries of information, communication (2.8 percent) and education (1.9 percent).

On the other side, the decline was reported in the sectors of administrative and support service activities of 7.4 percent. In the industries of health and social protection, the recorded fall is by 2.3 percent, while in the department for the construction and manufacturing it is 3 percent.

Statistics say that if one takes into account that consumer prices in February increased by 0.3 percent compared to January, it follows that real net wages fell 0.3 percent in the same period.

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