25 Awards for Most Successful Companies Based on Clear, Transparent Criteria

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The project “The biggest 100 in Montenegro” is carried out through cooperation between BI Consulting, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy, with sponsorship by Societe Generale bank Montenegro and an exclusive partnership with Montenegrin Telekom.

The project “The biggest 100 in Montenegro”, carried out through cooperation between BI Consulting, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy, with sponsorship by Societe Generale bank Montenegro and an exclusive partnership with Montenegrin Telekom, has the goal to promote positive business activities and an environment in Montenegro. The campaign which lasts four months is based on increasing the level of immaculate financial reporting which is directly related to ranking the companies within the project which will be published in a special annual edition called “Business newspaper – the biggest 100 in Montenegro”. The project will be concluded with awarding the top listed companies in all the categories at the ceremony at the “Hilton Podgorica” on the 30th of May.

“The public is very interested in getting to know all the conditions for the classification and inclusion in the project. Considering the numerous inquiries on the criteria for ranking which are available on the official site www.100najvecih.me we want to explain it further”, said Ratko Nikolic, founder of BI Consulting, the leading provider of prudential information in Montenegro.

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“It is not necessary for the companies to apply. All the companies which submit accurate financial reports no later than the 15th of April will enter the base for classification”, explained Nikolic.

For ranking in the publication “Business newspaper – the biggest 100 in Montenegro” the following are taken into consideration:

  • All the companies (KD, OD, DOO and AD) which are registered in Montenegro
  • Companies which operate for a minimum of three years, have at least three employees and 100.000 EUR as a capital stock (except for MICRO companies, where the borderline will be 50.000 EUR)
  • Companies which have submitted an accurate financial report in 2017
  • Companies which have not been blocked in the last 12 months
  • Companies which have not been part of the blacklist with the Revenue direction of Montenegro in the previous 12 months and adequately undertake the contracted re-program
  • Companies which make continuous results (not considering results accomplished by one-time business achievements or accounting operations)
  • Companies which do not have criminal records
  • Agencies for leasing employees are excluded from the choice of the most successful employer

The 100 most significant micro, small, medium-sized and big companies will be rated per total income, net profit and number of employees. Besides the mentioned 12 categories, the ranking per incomes will be done in another 12 classes as per the following business activities: Trade, Hotels, Real Estate business, Audit and accounting services, Civil Engineering, Food and beverage, Other production and processing (except food and beverage), Telecommunications, IT department, Pharmacy (manufacture and trade, wholesale and retail of pharmaceutical products), Turnover of oil and derivates and Medical services.

Also, companies included in all the lists which, in the last three years, have continuously made an increase of important parameters: income, net profit, and a number of employees will be specially rated, and the biggest one per income will be awarded as the biggest growing company.

While waiting for the analysis which will be prepared after the submission of the income statement for 2017 on the 31st of March, you should take a look at the interesting statistics for business activities by Montenegrin companies in 2016.

The special partners of the project are Delta city and Hilton Podgorica. The event partner is the Yellow event, and partner Montefish. The project has been supported so far by three silver partners: Lukoil, Securitas and Novi Volvox, as well as friends of the project: Cerovo, Čikom, HR Partners, Kairos, Navar Incorporated, Home Systems, Auto Čačak and D photo Systems, 2BI, while the Technical partner is Montimprex.

Let’s talk about the successful ones!



Text by Promo, on March 28th 2018, read more at Vijesti

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