Five Million Euro to be Invested in "Rada", with New Products Expected

By , 25 Mar 2018, 22:01 PM Business
Raskovic Raskovic "Vijesti" Archive

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It is necessary to replace the old equipment with new and to reconstruct the object completely.

The company 'Water Group' will invest 3,5 million euro in the Bjelasica Rada mineral water factory this year. The final placement is to be expected by the end of this year, said Boris Raskovic, the co-owner of the company after accepting the offer to purchase the factory’s property in the value of 1,05 million euro by the insolvency committee.

The founders of Water Group are Miro Perovic, Boris and Igor Raskovic. Within this company operates the “Suza” water factory.

“All works will start immediately. In the previous period, our company carried out a detailed inspection of the water source, pipelines, hall, equipment and complementary infrastructure. Considering the reports from the most eminent regional experts for mineral water, we have concluded that the only possible solution is to replace the old equipment with new and thoroughly reconstruct the object. This means restoring the water spring and carrying out the technological part for the preparation of the water inside the hall, disassembling the existing equipment, completing reconstruction of the object, and purchasing, assembling and commencing new outlines for water bottling," said Raskovic.

He said they hired five new workers in the distribution and sale department who are now training, and in the production department in Bijelo Polje, they will employ at least 20 more people by the end of the year.

“Our company will prioritize local staff not only regarding junior positions in production but also positions related to the technology and management in the company. The training the staff will be carried out in the Suza water factory during the summer months so that they would be able to commence immediately after assembling the equipment in Bijelo Polje," Raskovic added.

He reminded us that they have been active on the market for 12 years and are holders of the most salable Montenegrin water with a realization of 10 million mitres in 2017.

“In the next three years, new investments are planned in the factory in Bijelo Polje in the value of 1,5 million euro, with the aim of extending the range of products into non-sparkling and sparkling juices. New employment will follow this," Raskovic concluded.

The bankruptcy of the factory in Bijelo Polje was implemented in May last year, following a request by the employees to whom the majority owner ZIF Eurofond did not pay 14 salaries and contributions for over eight years.

The former employees are now pleased that the property was sold to, according to them, a serious buyer, but they have also expressed distress in the fact that the insolvency committee received less money than the number of their outstanding debts.

“They received half a million less than our total debts. Therefore we wonder how these will be paid," said the employees’ representative Ljiljana Rakovic, stating that they submitted a proposition to the insolvency manager and that they expect a positive response.

Text by Jadranka Cetkovic and Milorad Milosevic, on March 24th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

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