Electricity Debt Can be a Hurdle for Obtaining a Loan at a Bank

By , 20 Mar 2018, 17:01 PM Business
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The debt for electrical bills will soon be part of the loan’s register controlled by the Central bank CBCG, which means that the banks will have access to data about whether the citizens are paying electrical bills regularly or not when applying for a loan at the bank. 

Whoever finds himself on the list of debtors for electricity may not be granted a loan from the bank. The same rule applies to the companies, as well.

What the exact amount of debt is for electricity, which will be considered by the bank when they decide to grant a loan, is still undefined.

So far, banks have had access only to the data from the registers on debts for credit loans, minus the bank accounts and credit cards.

A source from CBCG confirmed to “Vijesti” that they have started negotiations with the Electro company about including the debt for electricity bills into the loan’s register.

“We are currently precepting the modality for future collaboration in the exchange of data on credit and other loans by clients of banks and other financial institutions which are regulated and monitored by CBCG and EPCG’s debtors," said CBCG.

They explained that they would form joint working groups and plans for activities, after which they will sign an agreement on collaboration and create the technical conditions for the data exchange. The precise date of completion for this cannot be defined, CBCG said to “Vijesti”.

To have a complete image on the credit loans of citizens and companies in the next period, except for the debts for electricity, there will also be debts based on tax and custom liabilities.

“CBCG intends to share the collaboration not only with EPCG but with the Revenue tax office and Custom direction which would contribute more realistic and overall options for paying off debts, and therefore more realistic planning for the budget. In that regard, CBCG has issued an official letter to the Ministry of Finance and suggested to have a kick-off meeting with the representatives of CBCG, the Revenue tax office and Customs for specification of the future business collaboration," explained the chief monetary institution.

Text by ND Vijesti, on March 20th 2018, read more at CdM

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