By End of June, Number of Superfluous Employees in Public Administration will be Known

By , 20 Mar 2018, 10:16 AM Business
Pribilovic Pribilovic CdM

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How many employees Montenegro needs in the public administration, i.e. where exactly is there a surplus and where are others lacking, will be known by the end of June, said the Ministry of Public Administration.

During this period, the exact number of employees engaged in the public administration should be announced, including all the municipalities. Until the session of the parliament, held on 7th December last year, there were discussions on various figures, but the Minister of Public Administration Suzana Pribilovic stated back then that the Ministry finally reached the accurate information on the exact number of the employees in the public administration.

According to her statements, in the public departments, i.e.also be on the central level, there are in total 39.306 employees, and in the municipalities 12.714. The minister explained back then that there were discrepancies between the data from the Central staff register and the Ministry of finance.

The ministry confirmed to this newspaper’s editorial on Friday that the deadlines stay unchanged.

“It was planned that the intersectoral professional team, for the process of optimization of the number of employees in the public administration, completes their job and presents their findings to the Government and the plan of optimisation by the end of June this year. Then, all other issues related to the process of optimization will be also discussed. The Intersectoral professional team performs these activities - each member in the domain of his authority and department. We expect to complete these liabilities following the planned dynamics," said the Ministry of Public Administration.

We will know the exact data on the necessary number of employees at the end of this process, said the Government’s department.

“After this happens, we will clearly know in which departments the number of employees should be increased and in which reduced. The goal of optimization is the reassignment of employees and the formation of efficient and customer-oriented public administration, which means to create a clear image on which departments should be more recruited and which should be unburdened with the surplus employees”, said the Ministry.

Let’s be reminded that the intersectoral professional team, coordinated by the Minister, is consisted of Secretaries of line ministries, the president of the municipalities’ community and representatives of the municipalities.

Unlike the Ministry, in the trade union of the public administration and justice, it was categorically stated that there are no superfluous employees.

“As per our estimation, there are no superfluous employees. In fact, in certain sections of the public administration, there is a surplus of employees, while in others there is deficit of the same. Our attitude and recommendation which we have repeated many times in public is that there should be a reassignment of job positions, i.e. to reallocate the surplus of vacancies into the deficient ones on the same level throughout internal ads," said Nenad Rakocevic, the president of the trade union of public administration and justice.

He added that the union was not involved in this process of reforms.

Text by Pobjeda, on March 19th, 2018, read more at CdM

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