Support to Female Entrepreneurship in Six Municipalities

By , 13 Mar 2018, 09:23 AM Business

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“Marking International Women’s day, the Female political network carried out specific and serious actions to accomplish the initiative above. Therefore on 7th March in the United nations Eco building in Podgorica, a meeting was held to discuss the model for Decisions related to criteria, methods and procedures for the allocation of funds for the female entrepreneurship’s support. Also, a score list form for Decisions on the allocation of funds to the entrepreneurs was submitted to the municipalities after the meeting. The Female political network created the subject form of the Decision and the list in a transparent and joint process, in which all municipality’s representatives took part," said the Female political network.

According to the official data, women make 50 percent of the human capital and half of the labor in Montenegro, i.e. they represent a significant economic potential. Nevertheless, they participate with only 9.6 percent in economic activities, which is far below the average of the European Union countries with the participation of 30 and 38 percent.

“Keeping in mind the substantial potential contribution to the economy of Montenegro through the development of female entrepreneurship, it is without a doubt that the economic empowerment of women has to be the subject of special politics at the local and national levels, and this process would directly depend upon dynamics of accomplished undertaken liabilities. Therefore, the Female political network is asking the municipalities to enforce the Decision as soon as possible, because in that way they would directly support the process which will provide necessary funds for women in commencing and developing a business," they continued. 

Jelena Radenovic, representing the Female political network, stated that the model of the Decision has been made in agreement with conclusions from meetings which were held in the Budget’s allocation phase between the Female political network and representatives of the municipalities of Podgorica, Danilovgrad, Kolasin, Bar, Budva and Herceg Novi, i.e. municipalities which accepted the initiative by the FPN to have a separate budget line for female entrepreneurship’s support.

“The meeting held between FPN and representatives of the mentioned municipalities related to the subject decision and high level of agreement expressed its content and encouraged everyone that the same will soon be approved in local parliaments’ sessions which would enable accomplishing the designated funds. These funds, in the total amount of approximately 120,000 euro in all six municipalities, perhaps doesn't seem like much for people owning a business, but at FPN we are confident that the funds will have enormous effect on encouraging women to start a business and represent a significant step towards the development of new local politics which will have mutual benefits," said Radenovic.

Radenovic states that it is vital to emphasize the urgent approval of the decisions on funds, especially in municipalities where local elections will be held, because if this becomes postponed and left to new sessions of parliament in these municipalities, there will not be time for the whole process of allocation to take place as defined by the decision, i.e. the funds would remain trapped in the budget and wouldn't be able to be used. 

FPN follows procedures in other municipalities as well, which will soon need to adopt the budget’s allocation after the expiration of decisions on temporary funding.

“We are certain that even in the other municipalities the significance of implementing a special budget line for encouraging female entrepreneurship will be recognized and that it will be realized as such in all Montenegrin municipalities," stated Radenovic.

The Female political network was founded within the program 'Support for anti-discrimination politics and politics for gender equality' which was carried out by the UNDP in collaboration with the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and EU delegacy's financial support. 

The program will ensure that entrepreneurs will receive educational and consultancy assistance on a local level to accomplish their business ambitions and diminish the risks.

Text by B.M, read more at CdM

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