State Blocks Lucice again Due to Overdue Revenue Taxes

By , 13 Mar 2018, 09:19 AM Business
Mortgage on nine thousand square meters of land in Lucice Mortgage on nine thousand square meters of land in Lucice PHOTO: VIJESTI ARCHIVE

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In the last decade, the bank has tried to pay the debt by selling properties on three occasions, but each time unsuccessfully. The municipality also wants to be paid for overdue taxes on real estate, therefore, the total debt is now exceeding one hundred thousand euro, and the mortgage on the property has been signed multiple times since 2014

The state of Montenegro has once again blocked the nine thousand square meter complex in Lucice, owned by the company “Adriatic investments” from Budva, due to overdue taxes of 287.496 euros.

The mortgage on the attractive plot near Petrovac was registered in March with the Real Estate Direction Office.

“Adriatic Investments” was founded, as the central register of company’s in Montenegro states, by a company from Seychelles named “Standard consulting corporation”, and was connected by the prosecutors who investigated a criminal group in Budva, with Olivera Ilincic – former adviser of the president of state Svetozar Marovic and former director in a company owned by Serbian businessman Stanko Subotic Cane.

In January, the state blocked the adjacent plot of 9.432 square meters owned by the company “Property Investments” from Podgorica, the sister company of “Adriatic Investments” whose tax debt is nearly 470 thousand euro.

This company was also linked with Ilincic by the prosecutors, and on both companies’ properties, a temporary ban for sale and availability was registered at the High court in February 2016, following a request by the Special Prosecution office which deals with frauds related to sales as well as deceptions of citizens and banks.

What activities have been undertaken during the “sale and purchase fever” by the companies “Adriatic Investments” and “Property Investments”, as well as “Good location properties” which owns 35.000 square meters of land in Velja ploca in Budva and “Fifth Avenue” who own two plots at Becici beach, questioned the special prosecutors who put the properties of these companies, which consist of more than 50 thousand square meters, under their shawl.

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on March 8th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

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