Contract Signed for Telemedicine Project

By , 06 Mar 2018, 22:26 PM Business
Contract Signed for Telemedicine Project Photo by MZD.GOV.ME

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The pilot project is planned to last a year, and Lučić expects the first phase of the project to be completed within three months.

Director of the Clinical Center of Montenegro Zorica Kovačević and the executive director of the company m:tel Vladimir Lučić signed a donation contract for the implementation of a telemedicine project, which aims to position the Montenegrin health system on entirely new foundations through the improvement of health services for the citizens of Montenegro.

The donation, worth 900,000 euro, through the pilot project, will be implemented by the Ministry of Health, the Clinical Center of Montenegro and the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts - CANU, supported by the Health Insurance Fund.

In the first phase, the project includes the merging of the KCCG with general hospitals in Berane, Bar and Pljevlja. All four centers will be provided with special facilities and modern working conditions, and the possibility for doctors to immediately send diagnostic findings made in regional centers (ultrasound, scanner) to a single base, respecting all health standards in the exchange of the personal data of patients.

Minister of Health Kenan Hrapović said after the signing ceremony that the realization of this project will achieve a better quality of health care, reduce the waiting time from the beginning of the medical service until the final doctor's assessment, reduce the need for patients to travel to obtain a doctors opinion and continue adequate medical treatment.

"The telemedicine project is based on the following: when the doctor performs diagnostic procedures in one of these three hospitals, he does not have to send a patient with his medical results to KCCG in the future, as they will be sent through the digital communication link, allowing patients to get the doctor's opinions and suggestions from KCCG for further treatment at the place of their residence," Hrapović said.

Director of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, Zorica Kovačević, said that linking the KCCG and the three hospitals is the first phase of the project, and that through their 24-hour communication, the doctors of these three institutions will have the possibility to jointly make decisions on further treatment of the patient with KCGG.

"The second phase of the project is connecting the network of KCCG with hospitals in the region, with which KCCG has signed cooperation agreements and whose consultants will also be directly involved in the treatment of our patients. The third phase of the project is connecting with hospitals around the world - and this will be an opportunity to exchange views with them and apply the most up-to-date medical service," said Kovačević.

The m:tel company's CEO, Vladimir Lučić, explained that apart from the recording, a conference call connection between doctors will also be enabled.

"With this project, we will show all of our power and the strong infrastructure we have built over the past two years, and we are glad that we will donate a part of this infrastructure to the management of the KCCG," said Lučić.

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