Part of Golubovci Airport to be Leased to Statis Soon

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Part of Golubovci Airport to be Leased to Statis Soon Vijesti Archive

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In its request to the Government, Adriatic Properties stated they want to improve the service for the customers.

The Ministry of Defense will soon publish a public invitation for a long-term lease of one part of the military airport in Golubovci after they previously created a particular cadaster parcel of 4.262 square meters that will be given for lease.  

Adriatic Properties owned by Greek businessman Petros Statis is interested in this location, as he declared to the Government, in writing.

The long-term lease of the land located at the military airport in Golubovci has been conducted by the Law on state property and based on the conclusions made by the Government in December last year.

In the department, led by the minister Predrag Boskovic, “Vijesti” was told that according to the conclusion made by the Government, together with the Ministry of finance, a committee was selected, which will announce the subject state property for lease.

“The public ad is in its final phase, and after finalization, it will be published as public information as well as on the site of Ministry of Defense. We have engaged an authorized surveying agency to complete an Elaborate on lot registration of the cadaster parcel 541/1 KO Golubovci, following which a new cadaster parcel 541/14 was formed with the surface of 4.246 square meters which will be the subject of the long-term lease. The Directorate for real estate has estimated the land’s value given for lease, based on which the committee will define an initial price. The price will be quoted in the public ad for the lease”, the Ministry stated.    

Adriatic Properties, which is the lessee of St. Stefan island, Milocer and Queen’s beach, in its request to the Government, i.e. Ministry Defense, stated that they want to improve the service provided to their guests and that they are interested in investing in VIP air-transportation and the procurement of helicopters. 

Considering the fact that for that purpose they would need a hangar fulfilling high standards which would also be used for storage of airplanes and equipment, they have expressed their interest in leasing a part of the parcel at the military airport in Golubovci. This would enable them to set up the hangar, which would remain in the state’s ownership after the lease expiration. The lease is given for 30 years. 

The income of the lease will go to the budget of the Ministry of Defense 

The profits made from the long-term contract will go into the budget of the Ministry of Defense, and the methods of payment will be defined in the lease agreement.

“In accordance with the Government’s conclusion, in the tender documents for leasing the property, there is a possibility for the Lessee to build a steel hangar at the military airport Golubovci for the necessities of the Montenegrin Military forces, which would reduce the contracted price for the value of the newly constructed hangar, defined by the Directorate for Real Estates”. 

Text by Marija Mirjacic, read more at Vijesti

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