Traders Respecting Non-working Sunday

By , 23 Oct 2019, 13:45 PM Business
Law on non-working Sunday Law on non-working Sunday Zoran Đurić

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Traders largely respected the legal norm on introducing non-working Sundays, as a total of three violators, that is, two companies and one entrepreneur, were found in the entire territory of Montenegro within 24 hours, the Inspection Directorate announced.

On Sunday, the Market Inspectorate conducted an inspection to enforce the agreed obligation under the Internal Trade Act that wholesale and retail trade cannot work on Sundays.

“In all three cases, the inspectors charged the company for a fine of EUR 1,000 and a responsible person in the company EUR 200 for the offense committed. For the two companies, the total amount of the fine was 2.4 thousand euros," the statement said.

The entrepreneur was fined 300 euros.

"In addition to the fine for the offense, the inspectors in all three cases closed the shops for the period during which the work was not allowed," the Administration said.

The supervision, they recalled, included all wholesale and retail facilities in all municipalities.

"The surveillance was organized throughout the day and began in the early hours of the night, that is, from Saturday to Sunday, from midnight and lasted 24 hours," the statement said.

All market inspectors were engaged in this supervision, who visited all the shops located on the terrain where they were in charge of.

"The work of the duty inspector was organized at the headquarters of the Market Inspectorate in Podgorica, which received phone reports and answered the citizens' questions during the day," the Administration said.

In Montenegro, October 20th was the first non-working Sunday for employees in the trade sector.

On Sundays and public holidays, the wholesale and retail trade may be carried out in pharmacies, specialty shops or kiosks for the sale of bread, bakery products and cakes, flowers, souvenirs, press, plant protection products or funeral equipment, gas stations and retail stores within the gas stations.

Wholesale and retail trade can also be carried out at green markets, stands - counters, showcases and vending machines outside the markets and mobile shops, kiosks and vending machines located within closed areas of bus and train stations, airports and ports, stands and kiosks which sell goods during events, festivals and manifestations, fairs and during the public display of cinematographic works, as well as warehouses for the wholesale trade.

Specialty shops or kiosks are considered to be shops or kiosks where the sale of mainly one type of goods is carried out.

Text by MINA Business on October 22nd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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