Taxi Drivers to Meet More Strict Tax Return Regulations

By , 19 Oct 2019, 13:00 PM Business
Taxi Drivers to Meet More Strict Tax Return Regulations Copyrights: Pixabay

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19 October 2019 - At its recent session, the Assembly Committee on Economy, Finances and Budget supported the Proposal for the Law on Amendments to the Law on Road Traffic. A representative of the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs Dalibor Milošević said that this Proposal stipulated all the documentation drivers should have in their vehicle, including Tax Return proof.

"Until now, the driver was obliged to have only an employment contract. Now, drivers are obliged to have tax return in the vehicle, as a proof of regular payment of contributions," said Milošević.

Field analyses have shown that there is a great number of drivers with fictitious contracts, registered to work 10 or 15 hours a day.

"We are trying to protect a driver as an employee and create a clear picture of the exact number of drivers reported to work in a company. Some companies have 100 registered vehicles and only 50 registered employees," said Milošević.

Member of the Committee Raško Konjević asked why a taxi driver was obliged to have a tax return in his vehicle.

"Will a taxi driver be excluded from traffic in case he has not got his tax return in the car? What happens if I have to go to the airport but I can not because I am not allowed to be in traffic? The problem lies in the fact that we are the only capital in Europe with the catastrophic organization of road traffic," pointed out Konjević.

The session discussed debts of taxi drivers, amounting to over 3 million EUR, writes CdM.

"Taxi drivers owe more than 3 million EUR in taxes," said the president of the Committee Predrag Sekulić.

Member of the Committee Boris Mugoša pointed out that inspection supervision in road traffic should be enhanced.

"We only have three road traffic inspectors in Montenegro. That is alarming," concluded Mugoša,

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