Airports of Montenegro on International Tender for Long Term Lease

By , 11 Oct 2019, 13:29 PM Business
Airports of Montenegro on International Tender for Long Term Lease Airports of Montenegro, Tivat Airport, Copyright:
October 11, 2019 - The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Transport announced the submission of applications for pre-qualification for the Airports of Montenegro concession.
Following the Law on Concessions, the Government of Montenegro has adopted a concession act of the concessions for the Airports of Montenegro - Tivat and Podgorica International Airports to the competitively selected best bidder who will establish and register a legal entity with the seat in Montenegro for performing the concession activity. The subject of the concession is the construction, reconstruction, modernization, maintenance, and use of the Airport of Montenegro.
The public invitation states that the  Government intends to provide, through the award of the concession, the necessary valorization of the Airport of Montenegro in a long-term and sustainable manner that will be in the interest of Montenegro and its further economic development.
"The involvement of the private sector in the management of the Montenegrin Airports will result in improved passenger services, an extension of routes, increased air accessibility, and better promotion of Montenegro as a tourist destination, which creates significant benefits at the national and regional level."
The selection of a private partner to carry out the reconstruction, modernization, maintenance, and use of the Airport of Montenegro will be carried out in a two-stage procedure. After the Public Notice for Prequalification announced today, the Call for Proposals will be sent to interested concessionaires who will be positively evaluated in the first phase of the tender.
The right to participate in the tender procedure, by submitting only one bid, is a domestic or foreign legal or natural person, acting as a sole bidder or in a consortium consisting of a maximum of five members.
Transport Minister Osman Nurkovic told TVCG that the interest of foreign companies is high and that the bidder is obliged to pay at least EUR 100 million in advance and to pay the state at least 10 percent of the airport's annual revenue over the next 30 years.
The expected volume of investments is at least 80 million in the first three years and, as Nurkovic adds, at least 200 million over the total duration of the investment.
The pre-qualification phase will last 45 days, after which the tender procedure is expected. The public invitation was also published in the renowned economic journal Financial times.

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