Foreign Direct Investments Reached 450 Million EUR in 2019

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Foreign Direct Investments Reached 450 Million EUR in 2019 Copyrights: Free Pics Worldwide

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27 September 2019 - From the beginning of January to the end of July this year, total foreign direct investments inflow has reached 448,2 million EUR, while total outflow was estimated at 206,7 million EUR.

A total of 173 million EUR was invested in inter-company debt, investments that do not increase initial capital. Values of companies and banks have been increased by 167,8 million EUR of investment, non-residents invested 94,3 million EUR in real estate, whereas other investments reached 13 million EUR.

From the beginning of the year until the end of July, Hungary has been at the top of the list of countries that invested in our country (51,7 million EUR). Hungarians invested 2,9 million EUR through real estate. Investments in Montenegrin banks and companies amounted to 45 million EUR, reports Cafe del Montenegro.

Russian investors are in second place. Around 41 million EUR came from Russia. Russians contribute to Montenegrin balance by purchasing real estate. They invested 17,6 million EUR through inter-company debt, whereas foreign direct investments totaled only 722.533 EUR.

Bosnia and Herzegovina come third on the list, with 31,2 million EUR of investments: 1,3 million EUR of the real estate sale, 1,4 million EUR of inter-company debt and 28,5 million EUR of investments made by three companies.

When it comes to operations of our citizens abroad, non-confidential data refers to the inflow of money from a real estate sale, whose value is estimated to be 732.702 EUR.

Another 24 million EUR came to our country through a real estate sale. But the data are confidential because of a minimal number of investors.

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