Constitutional Court Considering Non-working Sundays

By , 24 Sep 2019, 11:17 AM Business
The non-working Sundays under further approval The non-working Sundays under further approval Shutterstock

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The Constitutional Court instituted preliminary proceedings on the initiative of the Employers Union to assess the constitutionality and legality of the part of the Internal Trade Act that introduces non-working Sundays and public and other holidays for the majority of trade.

"In the case of reviewing the constitutionality of Article 35a of the Law on Internal Trade, a preliminary proceeding is underway to examine the procedural preconditions necessary to conduct the proceedings and obtain the necessary opinions and documentation," it was stated from the Constitutional Court to "Vijesti".

An amendment to the bill with this added article was passed in July this year, and it goes into effect from October 15, so the first non-working Sunday for traders will be October 20. The initiator of this legal solution was the Chamber of Commerce Board, while the Union of Employers launched an initiative to abolish it at the request of the shopping malls “Delta”, “Kamelija” and “Gintas”, because the proposal to make shopping malls an exception from this law was not approved.

Traders from the Chamber of Commerce committee believe that the total turnover will not be reduced but that it will shift from Sunday to other days. While the UPCG believe that such a solution is unconstitutional and violates the freedom of entrepreneurship and that it will cause a reduction in the number of employees. They state that now workers who work on Sundays are given other days off.

Text by Goran Kapor, on September 21st, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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